Statement of academic completion (SAC)

A statement of academic completion (SAC) is a document that confirms you have completed all academic requirements of your program.

Please note that your SAC is not your official RMIT testamur – it is a separate document for which you have to apply and pay a fee.

When to request your SAC

An SAC is appropriate if:

  • you are applying for Permanent Residency in Australia
  • you need to prove your study start and end dates for visa requirements
  • you are applying for entry to a professional association
  • you are applying for General Skilled Migration (GSM).

For most other purposes we recommend that you instead request your academic transcript, which also includes completion and conferral dates (where applicable).

What is an SAC

The following samples show how your SAC might look:

How to apply

The standard processing time is 5-10 working days from the time your school confirms your completion. If there is an issue with your academic record the processing time could be longer.

If an award level is not visible on the Graduation database, please contact your school in the first instance.

If you are completing your program you can order your SAC when you apply to graduate.

If you have already graduated you can apply for your SAC as follows:

Level of study

How to apply for your SAC

Certificate I–IV

Contact your school

Diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master by coursework

Apply via the Graduation database

Master by research and doctoral degree

Contact the School of Graduate Research.

If you graduated before 2001, please email


SACs are $20 per copy. This charge does not apply to apprentices and trainees, certificate I–IV or master by research/PhD students.

When your SAC application is ready for payment you will receive a notification email with complete payment instructions. Please wait to receive the notification email before organising payment for your SAC.

Note: If you request to have your SAC sent to an overseas address there is an additional charge of $25 for postage.

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