Before you arrive


As an exchange student you will have access to the same accommodation options that all international students studying at RMIT have.

Many exchange students choose to live in share and rental accommodation while others prefer the convenience of living in a student hostel. If you choose to stay in student hostel accommodation you are encouraged to book in advance when you submit your application for your exchange program.

RMIT Village is a popular choice for student accommodation. If you choose to stay at RMIT village you must apply directly and pay a deposit of AU$100 to secure the booking. The deposit will be refunded if your RMIT application is not accepted.

It is recommended that you do not arrange long-term accommodation until you have arrived in Melbourne and have completed an inspection to ensure the accommodation is genuine

RMIT’s Housing Advisory Service can assist you to find housing. For a complete range of housing options visit the accommodation webpage.

Airport pick-up service

As a study abroad or exchange student you are entitled to free airport pick-up. You need to register for pick-up before you arrive in Australia.

Course enrolment and timetabling

Course enrolment and timetabling are two separate processes. Exchange and study abroad students require specific information about these processes to enrol correctly. We will provide this information to you at the orientation event at the start of each semester, so make sure you attend.