Are you ready to submit?

You are now thinking about submitting for examination, but are you ready? There are a number of enrolment matters that need to be finalised before you can prepare your submission for examination.

Do you need more time?

If you are nearing the end of your candidature and you are not yet ready to submit for examination, you may be eligible for an extension beyond maximum duration.

If you have already been granted an extension, or think you will need more time that an extension can provide, you may also wish to consider cancelling your enrolment and applying for readmission for examination when you are ready to submit.

Are you currently enrolled?

You must be enrolled to submit for examination. You should always enrol for the full year, even if this means you are enrolled after your planned date of submission. Your enrolment will be corrected to ensure you are not charged fees for the period once you have submitted for examination.

Return from leave

You are not able to submit while on a leave of absence, as you are required to have an active enrolment to submit for examination. This means that you must return from leave and then submit your thesis/project.

If you are currently on leave and are ready to submit, please contact the SGR Candidature management team and advise that you wish to return from leave early. Your enrolment can then be corrected and your submission for examination accepted.


If your enrolment has been voluntarily discontinued or cancelled for any reason, you must apply for readmission for examination before you can submit.

Have you completed the requirements of your program?

Before you can successfully submit for examination, you must have completed all requirements for your degree. This includes any compulsory coursework courses and your milestone reviews.

Your submission for examination will not be accepted if you do not meet the academic requirements of your program.

Compulsory coursework components

You must successfully complete the research methods/strategies course for your discipline before you can submit for examination. You may also have other coursework requirements, depending on your degree.

If you have not successfully completed or been granted credit or exemption for any compulsory coursework, you must contact your school HDR administrator to discuss this immediately.


You must complete all three of your milestone reviews during your candidature. If you have not completed a milestone review and received your official outcome notification from the SGR, you are not ready to submit for examination.

If you have not received an official milestone outcome, you must contact your school HDR administrator to discuss this immediately.