Have your say

Student feedback helps RMIT identify priorities for using the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) to improve student services and amenities.

Students have input into how the SSAF is used through:

  • an all students survey listing all the proposals and asking for students to put their ‘money’ (100 points) on their preferred initiatives
  • the Student Experience Advisory Committee. This committee is an elected forum of students focused on improving the student experience, including priorities for the use of SSAF revenue. Contact a member of the Student Experience Advisory Committee
  • the Dean of Students. The Dean also consults with the President of RUSU on priorities for improving student services and amenities
  • Feedback in the annual Student Experience Survey on where improvements are needed.

Student consultations

The 2017 SSAF proposals consultation ran in July 2016. All students who paid SSAF were emailed the link to the survey with follow up reminders.

The final decision on SSAF funded initiatives for 2017 was made by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education informed by students’ views and the recommendations of the SSAF Steering Committee.