Testamurs (certificates)

A testamur is the official RMIT University certificate confirming you have completed an award course of study. All RMIT graduates will receive a testamur when they graduate at a ceremony or in absentia. The testamur contains the following:

  • RMIT University logo
  • signatures of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor
  • RMIT University seal
  • student's name
  • the degree/award title
  • date of conferral
  • award level (when applicable).

Date on your testamur

The date on your testamur is the date that your award was officially conferred by RMIT University. If you attend the Melbourne Graduation Ceremony, or an offshore graduation ceremony, your conferral date will be the date of the ceremony you attended.

The conferral date is not the same as the date you completed your program of study.

Name on your testamur

RMIT cannot issue your testamur in a name that is different from the name on your RMIT student record. The RMIT testamur name policy states that the name on your testamur must appear exactly as it is on your RMIT student record. However, RMIT will allow you to change the order of your name/s. When you apply to graduate you can select your name order. Note: Your name on your testamur cannot contain all upper case letters, a title (e.g. Dr, Mr, Ms, etc.) or a comma.

Apply for a replacement

If you are a past student of RMIT and you have lost or damaged your original testamur (certificate) you can apply for a replacement. For further information refer to the Replacement testamur (certificate) webpage.