Rights and responsibilities

RMIT University is committed to delivering the outcomes detailed in the statement on student experience.

The Student Charter is a summary of what the University and students can expect from each other.

Your commitments and responsibilities as a student

At the time of enrolment you must read and agree to the terms detailed in the statement of student responsibilities. This includes a requirement to check your RMIT student email account at least twice a week for important University communications.

Academic integrity

The Academic integrity web page has important information and resources to:

  • help you present your work honestly
  • avoid plagiarism (copying)
  • use acceptable referencing styles.

Academic and general misconduct

All RMIT students are expected to conduct themselves lawfully and in accordance with the University’s rules and regulations as stated in its policies and processes.

Conduct that adversely affects staff and students, or is likely to bring either RMIT University or its partners into disrepute, will not be tolerated.

Academic misconduct includes cheating in an exam or test and plagiarism (copying).

General misconduct includes unruly or threatening behaviour.

Penalties for misconduct

Academic or general misconduct can result in severe penalties including a fine, a fail grade, exclusion and even expulsion from a program.

If you are suspected of academic misconduct you will be required to appear before the head of school (or a nominee) to examine details of the charges. RMIT will contact you in writing at least 10 working days before the scheduled hearing with details of the process.


As an RMIT student you are entitled to seek a review of decisions that impact on your studies.

More information, including how to lodge an appeal is available on the Appeals web page.

Student complaints

RMIT is committed to providing a harmonious study and work environment for all students.

If you would like to lodge a complaint please refer to our Student complaints web page for information about how to proceed, including:

If your concern relates to sexual harassment, racial discrimination, religious intolerance or bullying, please contact the Academic Registrar’s Office at complaints@rmit.edu.au for options and advice.

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