Seeking a review

If you believe that the outcome of a decision is not reasonable you may wish to pursue the matter through the review process. You can seek a review of a complaint only if you have exhausted all avenues of the student complaints process.

Step 1: internal review

RMIT Ombuds

The RMIT Ombuds exists to ensure that RMIT has policies and procedures in place to deal with student and staff complaints and that the policies and procedures are followed.

If all steps outlined in the student complaints procedure have been followed, you can take your complaint to the RMIT Ombuds if you consider that due process has not been followed.

The Ombuds cannot change a decision that has been made, but will investigate whether in making that decision or taking an action:

  • the University has proper policies and processes in place
  • its members (staff or students) have acted with procedural and substantive fairness and
  • its members have observed principles of natural justice.

Step 2: external review

If you believe the outcome of your complaint with the RMIT Ombuds is unreasonable, you may choose to pursue the matter with an external body.


External agency


Grievances about sexual harassment or illegal discrimination

Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria
Level 3, 380 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, HREOC (Federal)
GPO Box 5218, Sydney 2001

1800 134 142

1300 656 419

Grievances about internal policies or procedures

Ombudsman Victoria
Level 3,
459 Collins Street
Melbourne 3000

1800 806 314

International student grievances in relation to the ESOS Act

Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST)
(ESOS Helpline)

+61 2 6240 5069

Grievances in relation to VET FEE-HELP assistance for TAFE students
(From 1 July 2010 the fee to lodge an application with the AAT for the review of a decision is $777.)

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
Level 16 HWT Tower
40 City Road
Southbank Vic 3006

+61 3 9282 8444 (metro areas)

1300 366 700 (country areas)