Applying for Fastrack

We are looking for the next generation of passionate innovators, creators and change-makers who want to make an impact and take advantage of an amazing opportunity.

Fastrack is a demanding, high impact program and for that reason, our application and selection process is very important. We need to ensure the right teams are in place to achieve the best outcomes and enable the best experience for all involved.

Students don’t need to be business or tech savvy to apply – you’ll learn and have access to the skills you need throughout the program. The most important things we are looking for are passion, dedication, openness, a willingness to be seriously challenged and taken out of your comfort zone, and a commitment to getting the most out of yourself, your team and the opportunity.

How Fastrack works

Over 13 weeks, students in cross-disciplinary teams of three, are challenged to develop a viable and commercially feasible solution to a real-world problem. The problems are large-scale challenges set with industry that can apply to an organisation, an entire industry and/or society at large. No matter the sector, all challenges have the potential to solve for large-scale social impact, reflecting the core values of the Fastrack program.

Student teams are guided through the process via weekly workshops with leaders across innovation, design, business and technology. Workshops are hands-on and cover core applied skills and frameworks in design thinking, business model canvassing, prototyping and pitching. Teams also work closely with senior-level mentors from industry with specialist expertise aligned to the innovation challenges.

Final pitches are delivered to industry and an expert judging panel in October, with cash prizes and awards announced at the final Fastrack Awards and Prize Giving Ceremony.

Key 2017 dates:

  • April 7th – Open Student Information Session
  • April 21st – 2017 Applications Close
  • May 23rd – All candidates advised of outcome of their application
  • June 1st (afternoon and evening) – Compulsory Soft Launch for successful students*
  • July 18th – Weekly workshops commence (Week 1 of Semester 2, Tuesdays)**

*IMPORTANT NOTE - The Soft Launch is a compulsory event – no exceptions. This is where students will form teams, meet industry partners and mentors, and select challenges to work on throughout the 13 week program. If you are considering Fastrack but cannot make the 1st June event, we will unfortunately not be able to accept your application.

**Awaiting timetable confirmation – weekly workshops will most likely be on Tuesdays and will be delivered in 3 hour blocks at RMIT’s CBD campus.

Who can apply?

Fastrack is offered at RMIT’s CBD campus as a 12 point credited elective course, which runs in semester two of each year. It is open to all national and international students, from both undergraduate and postgraduate programs across RMIT.

However, students MUST have an elective free to be eligible for application OR have discussed Fastrack with their program co-ordinators and be able to make special arrangements (this is sometimes the case for students from programs that may not have spare electives, where Fastrack can at times count towards an internship or replace a core course).

We generally accept applications from students that are towards the final years of their programs as Fastrack is a very challenging course. However, outstanding applications from first year students will also be considered, particularly those that have prior qualifications or significant work experience.

How to apply

To apply for Fastrack, you will need to submit an application following the steps below. We have a high volume of applications each year and a limited number of places, so we encourage you to get in early – and also to be creative in your applications.

  • Applications for Semester 2, 2017 CLOSE on 21st April 2017.

Application Process:

Please make sure you read these steps very carefully and follow them as outlined. Remember, your application is a reflection of you – and it will be reviewed by both Fastrack staff and industry in the selection process. Applications that do not follow the process properly will unfortunately not be accepted.

Please note, your application is for entry into the Fastrack program as a whole - the team you work with, and the industry partner and challenge you work on with that team, will be determined after you've been selected into the program via a facilitated process at the compulsory Soft Launch event in June.

Step 1:

  • Write an Expression of Interest (EOI) – This EOI gives you the opportunity to introduce and promote yourself to Fastrack staff and to industry partners, who assist with selection. EOI Requirements:
    • Provide a professional cover letter of approximately 500 words, telling us:
        1. Why you’d like to be part of Fastrack and what you hope to achieve through participating in the program; and
        2. What skills, capabilities and life experience you can bring to the program and to your potential team-mates.

Step 2:

  • Email us your EOI, along with an up-to-date CV and a copy of your Academic History*. Email and file requirements (please follow these instructions carefully):
    • Place all files in a single zipped folder
    • Label this folder with your full name and student number in the file name
    • Email to
    • The deadline for receipt of these files is 5pm Friday 21st April.

*This does not need to be an official certified transcript, just an up-to-date record of your results, which can be accessed through MyRMIT.

Step 3:

  • Interview - Students may be invited to interview as an additional step in the application process. If this is required, students will be notified and interviews will be conducted in early May.

Additional important information:

  • Commitment - Fastrack is a challenging and highly immersive program, which requires serious commitment. We work very hard to provide the best possible experience for students and also have a strong commitment to our industry partners to deliver high quality outcomes. Students should only apply if they are really committed to taking part in the program should they be successful in their application. We take student selection seriously and specific numbers are chosen to cater for forming teams of three at the June Soft Launch event.
  • Workload – Workload for Fastrack varies week-to-week, but students can expect on average a total of approximately 10-15 hours per week involving individual work and team-work, as well as meeting with mentors and potential clients. We highly recommend a course load of no more than 48 credit points for the semester, including Fastrack. We also recommend discussing workload and expectations with Fastrack staff if students have any concerns about this.
  • Eligibility - It is crucial that at the time of application, students have checked that they either have a semester two elective free and are able to enrol in the nominated Fastrack elective course (see Enrolment process below) OR that they have discussed Fastrack with their program co-ordinators and are able to make special arrangements should they be accepted into the program (this is sometimes the case for students from programs that may not have spare electives, where Fastrack can at times count towards an internship or replace a core course).
  • Application outcome – All students will be advised of outcome of their application on or before Tuesday 23rd May.

Enrolment process

Once students have applied, Fastrack staff will work together with industry partners to go through the selection process.

Students will be notified of the final outcome of their application on or before Tuesday 23rd May, however are often contacted before this if considered as strong potential candidates, for interview and/or to ensure workload and enrolment into the nominated Fastrack elective have been adequately considered.

Once students have been contacted by the Fastrack team, they will be instructed to enrol in the nominated Fastrack elective.

Enrolment into Fastrack is via two different course codes, depending on whether students are at an Undergraduate or Postgraduate level.

For Undergraduate students:

  • Enrolment is via the elective course BUSM1325 New Venture Creation (select the Fastrack Innovation Program stream within this course, which you will see is notated as 'FAST'.)

For Postgraduate students:

  • Enrolment is via the elective course BUSM4163 Business Consulting (select the Fastrack Innovation Program stream within this course, which you will see is notated as 'FAST'.)

Please note that these electives may not always appear as automatically listed options in your RMIT undergraduate or postgraduate program, so you may need to search for the course codes manually.

Any questions about the application process can be directed to Program Manager of the Fastrack Innovation Program, Nikolina Tucman.