Our Partners and Co-Creators

Fastrack works with multiple industry partners, innovators and experts to co-design and deliver our world-class innovation program. These include ANZ, Victoria Legal Aid, the Federation of Community Legal Centres, Isobar, Deloitte, The Difference Incubator and Sheda.

Delivery Partners

Fastrack has teamed up with a number of leading edge partners and experts across innovation, design, business and technology to help co-design and deliver our programs. Throughout the13 weeks, these partners work directly with Fastrack teams through specialised, hands-on workshop sessions, in core areas including design thinking, business model canvassing, prototyping and pitching.

Delivery Partners include award-winning digital design and innovation agency Isobar; social enterprise capacity builders and impact investment specialists The Difference Incubator; Melbourne-based technology and product/service design start-up Sheda; and Deloitte Centre for the Edge CEO and innovation expert, Peter Williams.

Program Partners

In order to work on real-world challenges and develop solutions with tangible impact, we need to be connected to what is happening out in industry and on the “front-line”.

To do this, we work very closely with our Program Partners to develop the innovation challenges that Fastrack teams work on. Regardless of the sector, at the core of every innovation challenge is the potential to solve for large-scale, social impact. This reflects a core Fastrack value of using the power of creativity, innovation and cross-disciplinary talent for positive change.

We’ve worked with many different Program Partners over the past 10 years across multiple sectors – including ANZ, Deloitte, Kmart, Crimestoppers and Victoria Legal Aid.

These Partners not only sponsor the innovation challenges that students work on, they also allocate senior subject-matter experts to Fastrack teams, who serve as industry mentors throughout the program.

In 2017, we are proud to be working with the following two major Program Partners:


2017 will mark the second year of a partnership with ANZ and provide yet another exciting opportunity to work with the Innovation Team of one of the largest and most innovative banks in Australia. The challenges set aim to address complex issues across the financial sector that impact us all on an individual, national and global level.

2017 challenges will be announced to successful Fastrack candidates at the 2017 Soft Launch on 1st June.

Challenges from 2016 were:

  1. Financial Fitness: How can financial institutions effectively engage with Australians to help them adopt better financial principles and increase their overall financial fitness?
  2. Disappearance of Physical Cash: How can financial institutions help consumers to effectively manage their spending as we move further towards a cashless society?
  3. Unaffordable Housing: How can financial institutions help Australians to enter an increasingly unaffordable housing market?
  4. Wealth Building for Women: How can financial institutions play a more active role in helping women increase their wealth?

Victoria Legal Aid, the Federation of Community Legal Centres and RMIT’s Centre for Innovative Justice

2017 will mark the third year of a truly unique collaboration with this set of social justice industry partners. This is an opportunity to work on complex social justice challenges with the theme of “Access to Justice Through Technology” - promoting the design, development and adoption of technology solutions to improve access to justice for those most in need.

2017 challenges will be announced to successful Fastrack candidates at the 2017 Soft Launch on 1st June.

Challenges from 2016 were:

  1. Workers' Rights: How can we ensure that disadvantaged employees are better equipped, empowered and supported to understand and act on their rights?
  2. Debts and Disconnections: How can we ensure those in financial hardship have access to the information, resources and assistance they need to avoid accumulating debt and having their utilities disconnected?
  3. Accessing Legal Assistance: How can we improve access to legal assitance in a way that ensure efficiency, high quality service delivery and that the most vulnerable have priority?
  4. Service Delivery Across Community Legal Centres (CLCs): How can we ensure that all clients of CLCs receive the best quality service, irrespective of their location across Victoria?

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Federation of Community Legal Centres

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