Melbourne Salon

Melbourne Salon 10 September 2010

The inaugural Melbourne Salon 10th September 2010 (left to right): Dr Kerry Mullan, Jean-François Vernay, Elaine Lewis.

The Melbourne Salon is a joint venture between RMIT University, the Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations and the Alliance Française de Melbourne. We are affiliated to the LC Salon in Sydney.

It is a place where curious and open-minded people can engage in French-Australian cross-cultural dialogues. Talks will usually be in English; you may participate in the subsequent discussions in French or English.

The Melbourne Salon aims to:

  • broaden understanding of French and Australian perspectives on contemporary topics through conversation, debate and discussion
  • draw participants from a wide range of backgrounds: parents, teachers, academics, journalists, writers, musicians, educationalists and others who share an interest in discussing ideas in a convivial atmosphere

The Melbourne Salon meets 3 times a year at the Alliance Française de Melbourne, 51 Grey Street, St. Kilda.

Forthcoming Melbourne Salon event

Melbourne Salon events run from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm at the Alliance Française, 51 Grey Street, St Kilda.

Event: Les masculinités de la Révolution
Presenter: Professor Jean-Marie Roulin
Date: Monday 25 September 2017
Time: 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Venue: Alliance Française, 51 Grey Street, St Kilda

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Previous Melbourne Salon events

The inaugural Melbourne Salon 10th September 2010: Dr Kerry Mullan, Jean-François Vernay, Elaine Lewis.The inaugural Melbourne Salon 10th September 2010: Dr Kerry Mullan, Jean-François Vernay, Elaine Lewis.The inaugural Melbourne Salon 10th September 2010: Dr Kerry Mullan, Jean-François Vernay, Elaine Lewis.The inaugural Melbourne Salon 10th September 2010: Dr Kerry Mullan, Jean-François Vernay, Elaine Lewis.The inaugural Melbourne Salon 10th September 2010: Dr Kerry Mullan, Jean-François Vernay, Elaine Lewis.The inaugural Melbourne Salon 10th September 2010: Dr Kerry Mullan, Jean-François Vernay, Elaine Lewis.

Event gallery

Photos from previous Melbourne Salon events.

August 2017: Flanders in Australia: A Personal History of Wool and War (PDF 680 KB) Jacqueline Dwyer is the daughter of French wool-buyer Jacques Playoust, who was called up in 1914 to fight in the French army in the Great War. Through the life of this family a story of immigration, commerce and war is brought vividly to life.

April 2017: Mobilities and Migrations in the Bordeaux Wine Trade: From Regional Rivalries to International Icons (PDF 400KB) Jacqueline Dutton traced how regional, national and international mobilities and migrations influenced the evolution of Bordeaux wines. This presentation was accompanied by a tasting to demonstrate these different wine styles.

October 2016: The French territories in the Pacific at the very heart of the Australian-French strategic partnership (PDF 620KB) Paul Soyez presented an analysis of how the future of the French territories in the Pacific plays a key role in the deepening of the French-Australian strategic dialogue.

April 2016: La France à l'encan: Versailles, histoire d’un château et de ses collections (PDF 430KB). In this Melbourne Salon Guillaume Dillée took us behind the scenes at Versailles and recounted his worldwide searches for lost and looted items from the palace at the time of the Revolution.

July 2015: An Exercise in Agape (PDF 203KB). Eden Liddelow and Catherine de Saint Phalle discussed how they are drawn to what to translate, and explain some of the challenges they face along the way.

October 2014: Behind the scenes at SBS French radio (PDF 197KB). A Melbourne Salon event featuring Danièle Kemp as she talked about her life at SBS French radio, and in conversation with Christophe Mallet and Jean-Noël Ducasse, explained what goes on behind the scenes at SBS French radio.

July 2014: “Somewhere in France” (PDF 215KB). In this Melbourne Salon event, Diane de Saint Léger and Katie Wood discussed a collection of World War 1 memorabilia, held in the University of Melbourne Archives, which presented a snapshot of Australian soldiers’ experiences on the Western Front in France. John Drury also presented a segment ‘Dernancourt and Adelaide: Madame Mouchette and the Aftermath of the 1st World War’.

May 2014: France and Germany, Croatia and Latvia: Where next for the European Union? (PDF 300KB) A Melbourne Salon event, featuring Professor Bruce Wilson, joined by Eva Schwemmer and Dr Natalie Doyle for a Q&A panel.

October 2013: Colette’s France – her lives, her loves (PDF 333KB). A Melbourne Salon event, presented by Dr Jane Gilmour in conversation with Elaine Lewis.

  • April 2012: The current state of arts and culture in Australia and France with David Pledger (Artistic Director of interdisciplinary arts company, not yet it’s difficult (NYID), Inaugural Director of the Collaboration Project between the EU-funded International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM) and the Australia Council for the Arts) in conversation with Michael Shirrefs (producer and presenter of Creative Instinct, ABC Radio National).
  • November 2011: Georges Perec: the Australian connection, 30 Years On with Professor Norie Neumark (Chair, Cinema and Media Studies at La Trobe University), Dr Maria Miranda (media artist and Post-Doctoral Fellow at La Trobe University) and Raphaël Trantoul (coordinator of French Studies Program, La Trobe University), chaired by Philip Thiel (Melbourne-based writer, blogger). Philip Thiel and Julien Leyre (French-Australian writer, film director, blogger) ran a free writing workshop in French and English as part of this Salon.
  • July 2011: The Existential Piano: Chopin, George Sand, Liszt, Marie d’Agoult and the Paris Salons: in words, music, portraits and photographs presented by David Hood (musician and former 3MBS FM broadcaster).
  • April 2011: French storm in an Australian tea-cup: deconstructing linguistic cultural differences with Professor Christine Béal (Head of Department of Linguistics, University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3) and Dr Kerry Mullan, (Lecturer, Coordinator French Studies, RMIT).
  • December 2010: National Identity – French and Australian perspectives with Dr Elizabeth Rechniewski (Senior Lecturer, School of Languages and Cultures, University of Sydney), Dr Tim Soutphommasane (political theorist, commentator and research fellow at Monash University), chaired by Professor Graeme Davison (Sir John Monash Distinguished Professor in the School of Historical Studies, Monash University).
  • September 2010: The Great Australian Novel – a Panorama by Jean-François Vernay (Franco-Australian essayist from New Caledonia), in conversation with Elaine Lewis (founder of the Australian Bookshop in Paris).