Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student support fund


To provide support on an ad hoc basis for research being undertaken by School of Global, Urban and Social Studies Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students on projects for which additional financial assistance may be essential in order for it to be undertaken.


Students enrolled in research degrees and courses within the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies who are from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

Students may receive only one support grant during the course of their candidature.


An amount of up to $250 may be awarded to successful applicants.



Students seeking support for research activity should submit an application stating their need, the purpose for which the funds will be expended and the time frame within which the monies will be used. A report will be required to be submitted on the outcomes of the activity for which the funds have been provided.

Applications will be considered by a Panel Chaired by the Dean of School and 3 other academic staff members with background and experience of relevance to the funds statement of purpose.

School Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Fund application form (DOC 229KB)


Applicants should state:

  • Their name
  • Their enrolled program
  • The course (where relevant) for which the funds are being sought
  • The nature of the research
  • The purpose for which the funds will be used

Applications should discuss their proposals with their supervising academic staff member prior to lodging their submission. Their supervisor should forward a supporting statement in order for the application to be considered. The statement should demonstrate that the funds will be used for a purpose directly relevant to the completion of the research project being undertaken by the student.


There are no deadlines for submissions. However, the total pool of funds for each year is limited. Applications will not be considered once the funds are exhausted.

Applications should be sent to the Dean of School via email: david.hayward@rmit.edu.au