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The final chapter of your degree concerns your transition between your time in the university and your emergence as a practitioner in an organisational context or as a pathway to further studies. The major component of the Field Education course comprises a 35 day Internship/Placement in the form of a supervised work/learning experience which will give you exposure to professional responsibilities in a live organisational setting.

Whilst the internship has been designed to give maximum benefit to you as the intern, the work you will undertake will be an essential component of the work the organisation requires to achieve its goals. In this sense, your Internship/Placement goes well beyond forms of work experience in which the main purpose is to provide the individual with a ‘taste’ of the work and/or workplace.

Your Internship/Placement is structured to involve all the expectations and responsibilities that are placed on other employees as they operate in the cultural and operational environment in the organisation you work in. At the same time, you will receive support from staff at RMIT and within the workplace to ensure that you extract maximum learning which will take with you as your exit from the university towards the next stage of your learning and/or working lives.

Your Internship/Placement will serve three primary purposes. Depending on your previous experiences and aspirations for the future, individuals will place different priorities on these purposes. The internship works as:

  • a career strategy where you aim to use your internship as entry to an area or organisation in which you might hope to gain employment once you have graduated;
  • interactive learning where you integrate some of the specific skills used by in the application of Policy, Practice and Social Innovation with particular themes or areas of application. These will reflect your vocational specialisation within your degree program, and
  • professional practice where the emphasis is upon embedding the graduate capabilities you have developed into contemporary working conditions and culture, as they are played out in the organisation you undertake your internship within.

What can I expect to learn by studying this course?

The Field Education course aims to:

  • increase your knowledge and understanding of the field of professional practice;
  • increase your knowledge and understanding of the nature of organisational life and work;
  • extend your experience of a preferred employment field, broadly defined;
  • develop skills for professional practice;
  • ensure graduate capabilities are met, and
  • enable you to identify, clarify, develop and manage your career interests.

Placement opportunities

If you are interested in providing placement opportunities within your organisation, please contact us for general enquiries or to suggest potential organisations for field placement. Our contact details are listed below.

We offer support and assistance to students and workplace supervisors through the stages of setting up and undertaking field placement.

People and contacts

Academic staff for Psychology Field Education: Shai Diner, Laurel Mackenzie
Administration contact: GUSS WIL Unit

Email: guss.wil@rmit.edu.au
Fax: (03) 9925 8266 (attention: WIL, Policy, Practice and Social Innovation)
Location: RMIT University, GUSS, Building 37, Level 2, 411 Swanston Street, Melbourne
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