University electives


RMIT offers a broad range of electives for you to enhance your skills throughout your studies.

University Elective courses are available to all RMIT students enrolled in higher education undergraduate or postgraduate programs. You can select electives from other schools within RMIT.

Some courses restrict the number of enrolments allowed. Once a course is full you can not enrol. RMIT University reserves the right to not offer courses that fail to meet a minimum enrolment. To see if you need to enrol in a University Elective please refer to your enrolment program structure or seek advice from your academic advisor.

RMIT’s full range of University Electives can be browsed by subject area. The subject area is a four-letter code that makes up the first half of the course code for a course.

  • GRAP: Graphic design
  • COMM: Communication
  • PERF: Performance
  • VART: Visual Arts
  • MKTG: Marketing
  • LANG: Languages
  • OART: Other Arts

If you are unsure what the subject area is for the courses you would like to search for, you can search by description.