Work integrated learning

Increasingly, employers are demanding not just graduates, but graduates with the experience and ability to contribute to their workplace. The work integrated learning (WIL) program at RMIT is one very important way for graduates to gain a competitive edge in seeking employment.

The School recognises the importance of students gaining hands on experience while studying. The programs in the School are structured to allow students to undertake part-time work in the industry while studying. This encourages students to gain first-hand industry experience and apply the theory you have learnt in the earlier years of your program.

Work integrated learning takes on many shapes and forms - all requiring industry connections. These may include work experience, industry mentors, industry panels and guest lectures.

Some of our courses that include work integrated learning:

Guest lecturers, industry mentors and industry panels:

Industry partners who would like to get involved in any of our WIL courses please email

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