Funding application process

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates who study within the School of Property, Construction and Project Management and who have achieved Confirmation of Candidature are eligible to apply for:

  • up to $4000 (for PhD candidates)
  • up to $2000 (for Master by Research Candidates)
  • up to $3000 (for PhD Candidates with previous candidature from another institution).

This is the total funding across candidature. Other funding is available from the School of Graduate Research via a competitive process. You must declare upfront if you have access to other funding for the travel or task for which you are seeking RMIT funding.

Please note: It is your responsibility to be aware of and understand the RMIT Travel Policy.



1. Candidate discusses the funding required with their supervisor. This is recorded in the minutes of their meetings.

Candidate and Supervisor

2. Candidate submits the Minutes of Meeting to HDR Administrator and advises that it refers to funding applications.


3. Candidate completes the online HDR Funding Request Form in a timely manner, aware of the timelines required for approval and booking purposes. Please note international travel in Trobexis requires Pro Vice-Chancellor approval.


4. HDR Funding Request forms are checked each Thursday.

HDR Admin

5. Finance Manager is alerted to the application, checks the amount left of the candidate’s total allocation and records this for future tracking.

Finance Manager

6 .Deputy Head Research approves or rejects the funding.

Deputy Head Research

7. HDR Administrator contacts the candidate to let them know the outcome and, if the application is successful, arranges the funding based on information submitted in the HDR funding request form (for travel, this includes travel agent quotes and Trobexis approval).

HDR Admin