Computers and wireless

PCs and Macs are available at each Library site. You can book Library computers, or connect your laptop to the wireless network.


Most of the computers can be reserved using the BookIt system. Walk-up and Assistive Technology PCs do not need to be booked.

PC availability maps

Check which PCs are available right now. Maps do not show Macs’ availability.


You can access software and apps relevant to your studies using myDesktop. Contact Service and Support Centre about all software-related questions.

Wireless access

The University’s wireless network is available at the Bundoora, Brunswick, Carlton and Swanston sites.

Saving your work and printing

Save your work to myDesktop, which you can access on any device anywhere on and off campus, or bring a USB.

Printers (black/white and colour) are connected to all computers. Find out about printing credit and pricing.

Assistive technology

There are dedicated PCs with scanners and assistive software. Bookings are not required. You can also access selected assistive programs on any Library PC, but you need to register with the Equitable Learning Services first.

Online computer training