Your professional development

The Library is the source of expert advice and training how to source and use scholarly and vocational resources for your teaching and professional development.

Expert advice, consultations and training sessions

Liaison Librarians

Liaison Librarians offer personalised consultations for individuals and small groups. They will help you keep up-to-date with new resources and the latest trends in scholarly and vocational information.

You can ask your Liaison Librarian for a one-on-one training and refresher sessions tailored to individual needs.

Liaison Librarians also deliver group training and professional development sessions as part of program or School workshops.

Copyright Management Services

We provide professional development on an appointment basis. Contact us to discuss your professional development needs.

Staying current

Stay current with the latest news, trends and resources from the Library:

Keep up-to-date with new resources and information trends in your subject areas, via blogs and newsletters from our Liaison Librarians:

Search the Library collections for professional literature and news from trade and industry, using LibrarySearch and the Library databases.