Jan has recently been employed as a sessional teacher with the School of Accounting and Law, to assist in the development of the online course materials for the course ACCT1046 – Introduction to Accounting.

As part of the online course site within the Learning Hub Jan is planning to provide the students with a range of reading materials. Jan would like to provide online access to chapters and pages from textbooks. Jan has scanned the reading materials, the majority of the scanned readings are the recommended readings for the course. Before Jan proceeds to place the materials online, what are the copyright issues Jan needs to consider before proceeding to upload the materials to the Learning Hub?


Jan is able to place online the recommended readings required for the course. In doing so Jan needs to ensure she understands the educational licence in place at RMIT that details the amount of material that can be copied and the limitations of the educational licence.

The educational licence allows for one chapter or 10% of the number of pages in a given publication to be placed online within the University. Only one chapter or 10% of the number of pages from a publication can be placed online. If another chapter or selection of pages from the same publication is to be placed online, then the first chapter or pages must be removed and a deeming period must expire before the second chapter can be communicated online.

In order to manage the one chapter online at any one time provision of the licence RMIT has established an eReserve systems that operates in a manner similar to closed reserve within the Library. Staff can submit to eReserve electronic copies of readings for eReserve to place online. Once the readings have been placed online eReserve staff provide you with a URL to place into your online course that directs students to the reading. The reading pop-ups up as a PDF file which students can save or print.

An example of a reading in eReserve is:

Published Work: Case Study

If Jan decided that she wanted to include all of the materials for the course into the Learning Hub shell for the course, Jan can rely on the alternative of contacting the Copyright Management Service to initiate a permission request to the publisher to place the chapter or selected pages online.

The Copyright Management Service is a permission seeking and copyright advice service available to all staff. The Copyright Management Service undertakes the role of seeking permission and managing the permission licence/agreement on your behalf. All Jan then needs to do continue to select and provide resources to the students.

RMIT ‘s copyright procedures do not allow for copyright works to be uploaded to the Learning Hub without first ensuring that permission from the copyright holder has been obtained. The alternative to permission is eReserve.