Past examination papers

Past exams are available online and in print. Online copies are stored in the Learning Repository. A small number of printed copies are available from the Reserve collection in the Library.

How to find exam papers?

  • Go to LibrarySearch
  • Select ‘Books, articles and more’ from the drop down list of search types
  • Search for exam and the course code, e.g. ‘exam math2155’

Reserve option in the LibrarySearch pull-down menu.

Which past exam papers does the Library hold?

Some schools provide the Library with select copies of past examination papers. The Library holds an incomplete range of exams from the past five years.

Does the Library have solutions to past exam papers?

Solutions to the past exams papers are generally not available for most course codes.

Can I access the past exam papers from off campus?

Yes, you can access all past exam papers in PDF format after logging in.

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