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Richard Bull

Richard Bull (BA (Psych); Grad Dip Comp Stud; Grad Dip Theol; Grad Cert Indust Ed and Train; Dip Trans Couns; Dip Trans Art Therapy; Dip Proj Mngmnt), was previously a teacher of computing in the former RMIT University Business TAFE School (now the School of Vocational Business Education).

In his role as chaplain he seeks to bring to the individual a deeper understanding of the broader context in which we all find ourselves, which has arisen from his explorations of many spiritual paths – Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Islam. Richard has been a meditator for about 50 years, and is currently exploring the non-dual, and Integral Spirituality (Ken Wilber, and others), which deeply explores how the whole person (interior/exterior, individual/social) must be addressed in order to attain an overall balanced well-being, so that each of us can be more effective in our chosen roles in the world. He is committed to studying more deeply aspects of the Integral Approach, which includes the overarching Integral aspects of all world religions, and its relationship with the non-dual, and to bring any insights gained into action in the world.

Richard also has a strong caring for the elderly, and loves architecture, art and music as some of the many expressions of human creativity in the world.

To connect with Richard please contact the Chaplaincy office.

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