Beyond RMIT

Before you complete your studies there are a number of things you should consider.

Moving out

When moving out of your accommodation it is important to plan your departure date in accordance to your lease. For advice on giving notice, finalising utilities and recovering your bond visit our accommodation section.


If you are leaving Australia permanently you should finalise your finances by doing the following:

  • Pay any outstanding bills.
  • Ask your employer for a payment summary, so you can complete a tax return.
  • Once you have left Australia you can reclaim superannuation money that your employer has contributed to a superannuation fund on your behalf. Complete the superannuation provider’s form to withdraw your funds if you are leaving Australia; most companies will have these forms available online.
  • Keep your bank account open until you have received your bond refund, tax return or superannuation payment.
  • Cancel any direct debits and close your Australian bank account and credit card.

For more information or assistance ask to speak with a Student Support Advisor at RMIT Connect.

RMIT Alumni

Stay connected to the University via your alumni community and access a whole range of special alumni events, including free career development workshops, seminars with industry leaders, exhibitions, networking opportunities and social events.

Work and Careers

If you are looking for work or starting a career visit our work and careers section for tips and resources on finding and applying for jobs. Graduating students can sign up for a Career Health Check and receive interview coaching and career planning.

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