The RMIT International Industry Experience and Research Program (RIIERP) provides a range of international opportunities including work placements, final-year undergraduate projects, graduate traineeships, postgraduate research and postdoctoral fellowships.

Running since 1992, RIIERP is unique in Australia and places almost 200 RMIT students every year at world-class businesses and institutions.

There are 165 international companies across 17 countries currently participating in RIIERP, providing professional supervision and contributing student allowances. See the full list of participating companies.

Having an overseas work and study placement not only gives you great life experience and helps you make new friends around the world, it gives you an edge with employers.

A survey of Australian companies showed that 80% would favour an applicant who had overseas work experience over one who did not.

They listed the benefits of international experience as giving graduates additional maturity, flexibility and adaptability as well as having an appreciation of working globally, and dealing with different cultures and environments.

By working with the world’s best companies you will also gain access to the latest in technology and techniques.

RIIERP is an important part of RMIT’s commitment to providing you with a “global passport” and giving you a head start on the international job market.

Many past participants have gone on to secure employment overseas. Be inspired by past students’stories.

Learn more about the vision and goals of the RIIERP program.