Exchange Program

Student exchange involves studying for one or two semesters at an overseas institution with which RMIT University has a reciprocal agreement (exchange partner). RMIT sends students to the partner institution and they send the same number of students to us. There are over 150 RMIT Exchange Partners spread across the world. Take a look at our list to start researching where you would like to go and what you can study.


Requirements before Registration

The following conditions apply to all RMIT Students before registering for a semester/year exchange program:

    • be currently enrolled in an RMIT program.
        • Students on a Leave of Absence not exceeding one year can also apply.
        • Students in Vocational Education programs are not eligible for exchange.
    • have a minimum RMIT Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 in current program(s) of study
        • Students enrolled in two RMIT Programs concurrently (Ex. Bachelor of International Studies and Diploma of Languages) will be evaluated on their combined GPA
        • Postgraduate exchange applicants must provide an academic letter of reference from their program manager/leader. Postgraduate exchange applicants will be considered independently from undergraduate applicants for the same institution. A quota exists within the exchange balance for each institution to consider postgraduate applicants. A minimum RMIT Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 will be required by the time of nomination to partner.

    • Minimum completion of 36 credit points (for undergraduate/associate degree exchange) in current programs at RMIT. Postgraduate exchange applicants are eligible to apply during their first semester of study at RMIT. Applicants from the Diploma of Language (exclusively) are eligible to apply during their first semester of study at RMIT.
    • Transfer credit from other Australian Universities and TAFE/Diploma studies can be accepted as long as this credit is counting towards your current degree at RMIT.
    • be at least 18 years of age by the official start date of the mobility program at the host institution
    • No breaches to the RMIT student conduct requirements as part of the Statement of Student Responsibilities
        • Students participating in exchange programs are ambassadors for RMIT to partner universities and must be able to represent the university to the highest esteem

Additional Nomination and Pre-Departure Requirements

    • have approval for exchange semester(s) and study plan signed off by their school
    • Minimum completion of 72 credit points (for undergraduate/associate degree exchange)
    • have a minimum RMIT Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0
    • have sufficient funds to finance a semester(s) overseas
    • be able to enrol in a full time on-campus load at the host institution i.e. equivalent of 36 -48 RMIT credit points.
    • Attendance in the Get-Set Information Session and Pre-Departure Symposium
    • Registration on Mobi/ iSOS

Other factors to be taken into consideration for all applicants

    • If there are more applications than places available at the host institution, the following factors will be taken into account:
        • Highest GPA
        • Opportunity to go on exchange in another semester, if unable to go in this semester
        • Whether a student has been on an exchange program before
        • Academic Reference
        • School-Specific Interview
        • Quota restrictions on academic program area/level imposed by the host institution as part of the exchange balance
        • Minimum completion of credit points as required by host institution
    • In the event that an applicant satisfies the eligibility criteria for an exchange program but cannot be nominated to their top preferences, an alternative host institution may be offered.

Where can I study?

We have exchange partners all over the world, but you will need to identify a partner institution that offers courses suitable for transfer to your RMIT program. You will need to research the Student Exchange Partners you are interested in and identify courses offered at that institution which will allow you to transfer the credit to your RMIT program.

Please do not contact exchange partners directly. If you are having trouble finding courses or information on the host institution website, contact Global Experience so that our staff can help to guide you through the process.

You must have approval from your school to study at the institution you select and you must have credit transfer approval for each individual course you intend to study.

Some partners that teach in a foreign language may require proof of competency in that language.

What happens to my HECS debt?

This will not change. While on an exchange you continue to be enrolled as an RMIT student, paying any fees and accruing HECS as usual.

How to register for an exchange program

The registration and application process for exchange programs involves a few steps. Attending an Information Session will give you all the information you need from selecting your host institution to preparing a study plan. Global Experience staff are available to meet with you in person at RMIT Connect, City Campus. See the steps to register here.

Deadlines for registration

Semester 1 exchange: 15 May - Registration opens on 15 April

Semester 2 exchange: 30 September - Registration opens on 01 September

College & School specific instructions


If you are a student from the School of Architecture, you will be required to submit a portfolio of your work to John Doyle ( in advance of the registration deadline. The School of Architecture will assess the portfolios and confirm to the Global Experience Office which students are approved for nomination.

Architecture students will be able to receive credit for the following courses only while on exchange:

One of:

  • Studio 7 : ARCH 1330- 24 CP
  • Studio 8: ARCH 1333- 24 CP

Two of:

  • ARCH 1338 (architecture design elective): 12 CP
  • ARCH 1339 (architecture design elective): 12 CP
  • ARCH 1340 (architecture design elective); 12 CP

Upon return from your exchange you are required to submit an additional portfolio which includes the work that you produced on exchange to to John Doyle (

Associate Degree in Fashion and Textile Merchandising (AD013)

If you are a student from the Associate Degree in Fashion and Textile Merchandising (AD013), you will be required to complete your registration in Mobi 10 days before the deadline. The School of Fashion and Textiles will assess the registrations and confirm to the Global Experience Office which students are approved for nomination.

More information for international students

International Students visa implications:

Students who intend to apply for other Australian visas after the completion of their studies should be aware of the potential impact of exchange/study abroad programs on their eligibility to apply for such visas. Many subsequent visa applications involve the need to meet the Australian Study Requirement. Information about the Australian Study Requirement can be found on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) website. RMIT is not permitted to provide migration advice under Australian legislation. If you have intentions to apply for another Australian visa after the completion of your studies, we strongly advise that you seek advice directly from DIBP or from a Registered Migration Agent.

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