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As part of its current Agreement with the European Union, the European Union (EU) Centre at RMIT is committed to:

  • embedding into the university a range of innovative and relevant EU studies at VE, undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels, and
  • facilitating student mobility between RMIT and Europe to encourage greater academic contact and exchange with EU universities.

The Centre undertakes these activities by developing new courses and
modules, contributing to existing courses, providing pre-departure briefings to students travelling to Europe and by supplying travel grants to vocational education, undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research (HDR) students.

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Programs available at RMIT

Regional Development and International Business: Europe and Asia is a 12-point elective course available to postgraduate students across all schools in both face-to-face and internet learning modes. This course is also offered as a Summer Intensive.

The course is designed for you to develop your knowledge of the importance of regions within nations in driving overall national economic performance, with consequent implications for political, social and cultural development.

You will gain insights into, and knowledge of, the significant, contrasting initiatives that have been taken in both the European Union and Asian countries to understand and promote regional economic development, drawing on OECD insights.

The following video ‘Welcome to Regional Development and International Business: Europe and Asia’ is from the Summer Intensive and provides a useful introduction to this course.

Find out more about Regional Development and International Business: Europe and Asia.

Entering the search term “Europe” in the “Search programs” box on the RMIT home page will return a list of over 300 programs available for study which incorporate Europe into their global opportunities.

Examples of these are:

Study in Europe

Study in Europe

In addition to opportunities for studying in Europe through your RMIT programme, there are many institutions in Europe that may provide you with the chance to add to the excitement of your learning experience and career development.

Read more on the Study in Europe page.

Information on this page is designed to provide some answers to your questions
and to suggest further contacts to turn your studying opportunities into reality!

Travel Assistance

Through its current program with the European Union, the EU Centre is able to provide limited financial assistance with travel and accommodation expenses for students who travel to EU Member States for the purposes of research, conference presentations, fieldwork or internships with industry hosts.

These grants are competitive and are managed for the Centre through either the RMIT School of Graduate Research (for HDR students) or the Education Abroad Office (for undergraduate and vocational education students).

European Union Centre HDR Travel Grants (EUCHDRTG)

Applications are now OPEN for the 2017 grants to assist research candidates with costs associated with travel to EU Member States.

There are three EUCHDRTG grants of up to €4665 (AUD equivalent at the time of grant award, approx. $7000) and all travel must be completed prior to 31 October 2017.

Eligible research-related activities may include the following:

  • presenting at or attending a major conference directly related to your research
  • fieldwork (data collection in a field location, interviews, accessing specialist archives, museums, libraries and galleries)
  • travel to utilise equipment or resources not available at RMIT University
  • an internship with an industry host.


These grants are managed by the RMIT School of Graduate Research for the EU Centre.

European Union Centre UGRD/VE Travel Grants

Information about applying for these grants will be available shortly.

These grants are managed by the RMIT Global Mobility Office for the EU Centre.

Australian Government OS-HELP Loan Scheme

If you are going on an exchange (fee-waiver) program at one of RMIT’s partner institutions or a study abroad (fee paying) mobility activity, or undertaking a short-term mobility activity, this loan could assist with your overseas travel expenses.
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