French flagFrench academic peer mentor award winners: L-R Catherine

French is one of the most widely taught second languages in the world and official language in 33 countries. There are approximately 175 million French speakers around the world.

French is a language of diplomacy and one of the working languages of major international organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union and the International Red Cross. French plays an important role in cultural exchanges, technical and scientific collaborations between France and Australia.

RMIT students with a proficiency in French greatly increase their employability in many areas. While studying at RMIT, they also have the chance to be involved in exchange programs, internships, a volunteer mentoring program and the RMIT French Club, which organises a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

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Program and course information

Diploma of Languages

Study a language while you complete another degree! The Diploma of Languages can be taken concurrently with any RMIT program to really add value to your degree and open up a range of new career opportunities.

Higher education courses

The following Higher Education 12 credit point French courses are offered for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Studying a language as part of a degree can augment work-ready skills and is an enriching ‘add-on’ to a separate major field of study.

The course guides provide full details including course descriptions, pre-requisites (if any), learning outcomes, learning activities and assessments:

Languages FAQ (PDF 112 KB) – frequently asked questions about Languages electives.

Single and short courses

The Languages discipline also offers its Higher Education language electives and innovative short courses and workshops to the general public that are administered through RMIT’s Short and Single Course Centre.

Placement test

All new students undertaking the French language program with some prior knowledge of the language need to sit our placement test. Email the French coordinator Dr Chantal Crozet at for more information and to enrol in the next available session to sit the test.

More information

Student profiles

Anna Nottle

Student profile image of Anna Nottle - Languages (French)

Bachelor of Social Science student – French elective

‘I was able to gain an insight in to another culture and by studying a language I was able to experience it by living in France for one year. It is a huge thing to master another language but now I am very sure of myself and what I can do. RMIT has some great teachers who are really passionate about languages and I think this really rubs off on a lot of students.’

Sarah Johnston

French student, Sarah Johnston

Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) student – French elective

Sarah completed a seven month internship as an English language assistant at Lycée du Grand Nouméa in New Caledonia.

‘I found out about the placement from the French Embassy website: seven months on a tropical island, contracted to work twelve hours a week and the opportunity to improve my French language skills through immersion.

‘I had a small classroom to myself where I taught students on an individual basis or groups, mostly helping the students to prepare for their oral exams at the end of the year. I found the students very respectful, with quite a high level of English.

‘There were many different things to do: windsurfing, snorkelling, cycling and a whole range of other activities. In my free time I took supplementary French lessons at the Red Cross where I also gave English lessons.

‘The biggest benefit of course is the chance to be immersed in the French language. Living here has done wonders for my French. People here are very open to strangers as well, and I've certainly felt very at home here. I recommend this program to anyone who's interested in teaching, French and a tropical stress free seven months!’

Sarah Schofield

Bachelor of Design (Fashion) graduate – French elective

Since graduating from RMIT, Sarah has completed a two-year Masters program in Accessory Design at the Institute Francaise de la Mode in Paris.

After a collaboration with Dior, she was offered an internship there and worked for seven months. Afterwards she worked as an intern at Louis Vuitton, assisting with the handbags for the shows and once her visa is renewed she will return for several months.

Sarah’s designs recently won the 2011 Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field.

Read the full story ‘Sarah dazzles at Fashions on the Field’ here.

Student experience

Student experience gallery

Photos from various French related activities and events.

Students learning French at RMIT are exposed to a variety of opportunities to meet with other French speakers, international organisations and companies. Events are regularly held for students to explore French culture, opportunities for studying or working in France and further understand the language.

Angeline Armstrong’s passions for film and French culture wins her an international award

French student Angeline Armstrong won a trip to New Caledonia for her video entry in the university competition “Made in France; let’s ditch the stereotypes!”. This competition, launched in April 2014 by the French Embassy in Canberra, was open to all university students in Australia.

Angeline’s video ‘Made in France: L’Hexagon’ captures the many ways France is more than the stereotypes it is known for.

Get the full story 'A love of film leads to international award'.

Chelsea McKissack and the Melbourne French Theatre

Chelsea McKissackMelbourne French Theatre group

The Melbourne French Theatre (MFT) is a theatre group that has been performing plays in French with English surtitles in Melbourne since 1977. French student Chelsea McKissack recently undertook a volunteering experience with the Theatre creating the surtitles for their latest play Espèces Menacées ('Funny Money').

‘Our task began with the translation of the French script into English which was both challenging and a lot of fun. At the start, there were times I had trouble with unfamiliar slang and expressions, but as the opening date grew closer and I became more familiar with the script I found myself using new words and phrases when speaking with the cast.

‘When the play finally opened I had a fantastic time. Not only was I able to watch as the play became better and better, but as I was doing the surtitles I found myself understanding exactly what was happening, even when the actors improvised or skipped certain parts of the play.

‘For me, it was an incredible experience, one that allowed me to improve my French and completely immerse myself in both the play and the French Culture. I met some amazing people and had a fantastic time working with everyone involved.’

RMIT French Club


Claire Muller


I’m Claire, a third year student in the Bachelor of Arts, International studies at RMIT. I am originally from Paris, but I have been in Melbourne for 4 years and know my way around really well by now! My experience at RMIT and in Melbourne has been extremely positive, and I love to see how popular the French culture is.

I have been involved with the French program for 2 years; I started by mentoring a couple of students and I now run the RMIT French Club in 2013, alongside two other Frenchies. We hold weekly conversation sessions, and we organize events such as the French movie night, crepe party, or even going to see a French pièce de théâtre. Keep in touch with us via our Facebook page or contact us via email if you have any questions.

A plus!

French Club celebrating World Week

Photo of French Club members and French language studentsPhoto of food offered by French Club at RMIT World WeekPhoto of French Club members and French language students

The French Club was invited to celebrate World Week at RMIT. (World Week is a major annual event organised by the International Department of RMIT University Student Union to celebrate the diversity of students at RMIT.)

On the menu we had cheese, crackers, chocolate and Eiffel Tower biscuits. Students were able to win genuine Carambars and Calissons if they could answer one of our tough questions about France and the French language: Combiend’habitantsil y a t-il en France? Quelest le titre de l’hymne national francais? Queveut dire pomme? Oiseau? Et TGV?

It was an opportunity for the Club to greet more than 20 new members and to promote our conversation sessions, as well as the upcoming crêpe evening. We also had free French name writing, which was surprisingly popular! Brèntôn, Mïa, Môhit, Dèv and many others left with a souvenir on paper, of their name written “en français”.

Photo of signage promoting French writingPhoto of Léonor and her friend, lucky 200th person to “Like” the French Club’s Facebook page

Another highlight of the day was meeting the lucky 200th person to “Like” the Club’s Facebook page: Léonor and her friend went home with a free bottle of wine!

- Merci encore àCarly, David et Omar pour leur aide pendant cetevenement! -

French language assistants from Montpellier

Thibault Miyagi

Thibault MiyagiThibault Miyagi

Bonjour àtous,

My name is Thibault Miyagi and I am the new French teaching assistant at RMIT for 2 semesters in 2013. I am a young graduate with a Masters of Teaching French as a Foreign Language with a bachelor degree in Sociology. I hope to enjoy the city of Melbourne and to meet many of its inhabitants throughout my stay. I have spent most of my life in the south of France in a town called Montpellier: an ideal area to enjoy the food, the beach and French wine! I hope to share my culture with everyone at RMIT through the French Club, the mentoring program and in class. I still have much to learn about this fascinating country -there is so much to see and explore! Melbourne is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and sunny city.

In addition, RMIT offers all the necessary facilities to enjoy student life and its architecture is somewhat astonishing!

A bientôt!


Valentine Camus, French language assistant from Montpellier

Hi! I am Valentine, a French student from Montpellier (in the south of France). I am currently studying Modern Arts and working in Melbourne, since I had a great opportunity to come at RMIT for one semester as an exchange student. So, I go to class nine hours a week, which helps me to improve my English. Also, I have a wonderful Teaching Assistant job at RMIT; I help the French club to organize events, I assist in class and I even had a chance to create my own cultural activity and do it in class! I really enjoy this working experience, which allows me to meet kind people and learn so much. What’s more, I can travel while I am here. I think Australia is a beautiful country to explore. I particularly enjoy Melbourne, which attracts many different communities, has every kind of delicious food, and looks lovely. To me, people in Melbourne always seem relaxed and open-minded. I certainly miss French cheese, but the truth is, I’ll be sad to leave! A tout àl'heure :)


Languages academic mentoring program

This peer academic mentoring program involves intermediate and advanced students mentor new students for 1 – 2 hours each week, to assist with specific language or study related difficulties.

The program aims to enhance the students’ language learning experience, resulting in increased confidence and motivation. The students discover different learning styles, network with other students, learn effective ways to communicate, and share successful language learning strategies.

International opportunities

International exchange

Students have the opportunity to study abroad and gain course exemptions. RMIT has close to 200 partner universities in 31 countries to choose from. You can also take advantage of a number of international study tour opportunities.

Scholarships and grants for studying in France are also available from the Embassy of France.

France Day – a celebration of international exchange

“France Day was held on Thursday 31 July. It was inspiring to witness the spirit of dialogue and intercultural sharing among the students. Volunteers included recently returned RMIT students that enjoyed their previous semesters in France as well as our current exchange students from France that acted as ambassadors for their home universities.

Student representatives from 7 partner universities volunteered their time to give students a first hand experience of their universities.

Education Abroad staff appreciate the dedicated collaboration from Kerry Mullan and Chantal Crozet from French Languages as well as staff from Alliance Francaise. Working closely with these colleagues has helped to bring this event together and enhance RMIT strategy to increase outbound mobility to France. We hope to continue working closely with our colleagues throughout the year to make outbound mobility accessible to as many students as possible.”

See the Education Abroad Office's Facebook page for images of France Day 2014.

(courtesy of the Mobility Bulletin, August 2014 edition)

Professional internships

Innovative French government and industry collaborations are helping RMIT students to gain precious international industry experience and language skills.

Please contact Kerry Mullan for information on internships in French speaking organisations based in Melbourne.

More information on international opportunities.

Working with industry

Melbourne Salon

Organised by RMIT’s Dr Kerry Mullan, Melbourne Salon is a place where curious and open-minded people can engage in French-Australian cross-cultural dialogues. Talks will usually be in English; subsequent discussions in French or English.

European Union (EU) Centre at RMIT

The EU Centre provides a focal point for teaching, research and outreach activities with the EU, Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

Alliance Française de l’Australie

The Alliance Française favours and supports cultural activities around the world, with the aim of developing links and exchanges between different cultures. RMIT Languages staff and students are actively involved in events and cultural programs run by the Alliance.

Australian Society for French Studies (ASFS)

The 22nd annual conference of the Australian Society for French Studies is to be held on 3-6 December 2014 at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Visit the ASFS 2014 Conference website for full details.


Dr Chantal Crozet – Coordinator, French Language Studies

Dr Kerry Mullan – Senior Lecturer, French Language Studies

Dr Alexis Bergantz – Lecturer, French Language Studies

Dr Julien Chartier – Tutor, French Language Studies

Dr Laura Cherubin – Tutor, French Language Studies

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