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Japanese is one of the most important languages for Australia’s cultural and trading relations within the Asian region. The Japanese language programs enable students to develop strong cross-cultural communication skills and foster a broader engagement with Japanese culture. Japanese language proficiency is seen as an asset for students seeking careers in professions including international business, diplomacy, tourism and education.

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Program and course information

Diploma of Languages

Study a language while you complete another degree! The Diploma of Languages can be taken concurrently with any RMIT program to really add value to your degree and open up a range of new career opportunities.

Higher education courses

The following Higher Education 12 credit point Japanese courses are offered for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Studying a language as part of a degree can augment work-ready skills and is an enriching ‘add-on’ to a separate major field of study.

The course guides provide full details including course descriptions, pre-requisites (if any), learning outcomes, learning activities and assessments:

Languages FAQ (PDF 112 KB) – frequently asked questions about Languages electives.

Single and short courses

The Languages discipline also offers its Higher Education language electives and innovative short courses and workshops to the general public that are administered through RMIT's Single and Short Course Centre. Find Japanese single and short courses by searching the keyword ‘Japanese’.

Placement procedure and self evaluation quiz

In order to ascertain your prior level and ensure you maximise your language learning, we have a self evaluation tool for all prospective students who have some knowledge of the language. This tool will help determine the best level of enrolment:

Japanese placement procedure and self evaluation quiz (PDF 444 KB)

Student profiles

D’Arcy Butler

Certificate IV in Language – Japanese (full-time) student

Japanese student D'Arcy Butler

‘Asian literacy is going to be an increasingly important tool for working in Australia over the next 50 years and this course is the best way to learn about Japanese language and culture. The course not only gives you a high level of Japanese language ability, but like every RMIT course, it is always focused on employability and giving you the skills to succeed after graduating.

‘With over twenty contact hours each week, exclusively of Japanese language classes, the intensive Japanese course immerses the students in the language. This meant that we were able to focus on Japanese so that we improved much more quickly than we would have in a regular Japanese subject with 5 or 6 weekly contact hours.’

Owen White

Certificate IV in Language – Japanese (full-time) student

‘The 2-3 weeks we spent in Japan pretty much changed me completely. Being thrown into a foreign culture like we were, you could not prepare for and I wouldn't have it any other way. Overall the tour was amazing…I had a lot of fun and new experiences I never want to forget. I saw old friends, made new ones, everything I saw was new over there. All in all it was simply amazing.’

Making sushi together at QueenscliffOwen White fighting samurai at Edo Wonderland in HokkaidoMuroran IT students at their RMIT Completion Ceremony.

Nhat Nguyen

Certificate IV in Language – Japanese (full-time) student

‘The year has sort of been a period of ‘enlightenment’ for me. I have come to appreciate learning and I have developed an appetite for knowledge.

‘I have gained so many things through the Certificate IV in Japanese: the understanding of a society, culture and lifestyle other than that of my own along with the delightful experience of having delivered a speech in a foreign language in front of an audience that included teachers, friends and classmates.’

Student experience

Languages academic mentoring program

This peer academic mentoring program involves intermediate and advanced students mentor new students for 1 – 2 hours each week, to assist with specific language or study related difficulties.

The program aims to enhance the students’ language learning experience, resulting in increased confidence and motivation. The students discover different learning styles, network with other students, learn effective ways to communicate, and share successful language learning strategies.

International opportunities

Higher Education students have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of learning activities to further their language skills.

Students formed the RMIT Japan Club in 2010, which brings together RMIT students who are interested in all things Japanese to get together for social events and Japanese language practice.

The program provides language exchange sessions where all students have an opportunity to engage with native Japanese speaker students within the classroom, to apply, in a practical way, language learnt in their courses.

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International exchange

Students have the opportunity to study abroad and gain course exemptions. RMIT has close to 200 partner universities in 31 countries to choose from. You can also take advantage of a number of international study tour opportunities.

Students studying Languages (Japanese) can experience one or two semesters on exchange to Japan at Ryuukoku University or Tama University.

More information on international exchange and scholarship opportunities to study in Japan.

Study tours

Through partnerships with institutions such as the Muroran Institute of Technology in Hokkaido, RMIT Japanese students have the opportunity to engage in study tours.

Study tours encourage students to engage with the world academically, culturally and professionally. Students returning from study tours are able to reflect on the new perspectives they have gained and the experiences they have enjoyed.

These tours may involve 2-3 weeks in Japan, which could include a home-stay experience, and touring cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

Language immersion camp

Each year, full-time Japanese students can take part in off-campus language immersion camps. Students spend two nights and three days at Queenscliff with students from our sister university in Japan. Students engage in bi-lingual games, activities, cooking, and singing to put language into practice. All activities are student-led and student-centred.

LEAD student mentor program

Get involved in the student mentoring program through LEAD! Students are able to build leadership skills and capabilities and gain recognition by volunteering to mentor Japanese 1 and 2 language students. Volunteers are sought in the beginning weeks of each semester.

RMIT LEAD – Student engagement and leadership development

Working with industry

Internship programs and work placements

Assistant English Language Teacher internships are available through INTERAC Pty Ltd., Japan. These are for both Certificate IV in Language graduates and Higher Education students. Applications are generally through lecturer’s recommendation, Students are placed in high schools in Japan as Assistant Language Teachers for up to 12 months. Internships include training and orientation in situ.

Annual Japanese Language Speech Contest

RMIT Japanese language students regularly compete in the Japanese Language Speech Contest. Held annually in September, this competition gives students of Japanese language a chance to actively use their language proficiency by presenting a three minute speech in Japanese.

News story: Student success in Japanese speech contest (2013)


For up-to-date information about Japan-related activities in Melbourne:

For up-to-date information about Japan-related seminars and scholarships:

For an overview about studying in Japan (on a private basis):


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