Cooperative Education Program

Students enrolled in a four year degree undertake their cooperative education year in their third year of study.

Students have a current understanding of general business concepts such as business computing, accounting, statistics, law, management and micro/macroeconomics and specialize in the following disciplines:


Example roles/tasks undertaken by a cooperative education student


Audit; Taxation; Insolvency

Economics & Finance/Financial Planning

Trainee Para-planner; Finance Officer; Risk Assessor

International Business

HR Officer; Events Assistant; Export/Import Clerk

Business Information Systems

Programmer; Business Analyst; Help Desk

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics; Export/Import Clerk


Marketing Assistant; Branding Assistant; Communications Assistant

In addition to the tasks undertaken on the job, cooperative education students, in consultation with their employer and academic supervisor, decide on the topic for a business report. The report may make a significant contribution to the organisation.

To be considered relevant employment a cooperative education placement must:

  • Be full-time (35-40 hours per week) over 34-52 weeks
  • Offer the student experience in a position relevant to their studies
  • Provide a salary; generally speaking this is less than a graduate salary and moves with the graduate market, and depends on the sector of the industry and level of the position. All working conditions, including salary, must meet minimum employment conditions as per FairWork Australia

Employer responsibilities

Employers are requested to provide:

  • A position description when advertising the vacancy
  • A complete and signed placement agreement
  • Adequate induction/training/supervision to perform tasks of the position by an experienced manager and to monitor progress and liaise with the academic mentor as required
  • Feedback to the student during and at the end of the placement

Employer Cooperative Education FAQs

When are students available for placement?

Cooperative Education has two main starting periods during the year: mid-year (July) or end of year (between November and March). You are able to begin the recruitment process at any time during the year. To secure the best talent, we advise that you contact the College of Business WIL team with a position as soon as you are able to recruit.

How are students prepared for placement in my organisation?

Students receive support to prepare for their placement through workshops and one-on-one consultations from the first year in the degree.

What is the extent of involvement of my personnel in recruiting a student?

The College of Business can assist with shortlisting candidates. Employers then arrange and conduct interviews directly with students. What support may I receive during a student’s placement?

Once a placement is agreed on, you will receive an email providing student details and insurance information. During the placement, students are contacted by an Academic Supervisor, and the College of Business WIL Team will also keep in contact with you and the student throughout the placement. You may also contact at any time for advice.