Information for Students

Employers want students who can readily fit into and work well in an organisation. This means they want graduates who are able to plan and organise their work, solve problems, work in teams, use technology effectively and understand how to be effective in the workplace. These are skills that are developed through Work Integrated Learning..

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is the term given to an activity or program that integrates academic learning with its application in the workplace. The practice may be real or simulated and can occur in the workplace, at the university, online or face-to-face.

Your WIL experience may be gained through:

  • Selected courses which specifically link your academic work to industry, often as a project in class
  • As a paid or unpaid placement in industry that is a compulsory component of a course or program
  • Projects or simulations undertaken at RMIT including the use of specialised facilities,

Preparation for placement

Everyone undertaking a placement in industry is prepared in advance either in-class or through workshops offered throughout the year. This is an important part of the learning and planning process and assists you in optimising your effectiveness during the WIL activity.

The University Careers page has extensive resources to assist you in preparing for your placement.

Visit The Careers Toolkit Website

Co-operative Education Program

If you are in a business four-year (single) degree program you must complete the compulsory one year paid work placement. this commences once you have completed a minimum of fourteen courses.

You are responsible for obtaining a placement. For information and assistance to secure a Cooperative Education placement, regular information sessions, workshops and drop-in advice sessions are held each semester. You may also contact experienced staff in the College of Business WIL Team for assistance on Further information on how to prepare for your Cooperative Education placement can also be found at the Co-op Info Hub.

Business Internship courses

Students in an undergraduate business degree or the Associate Degree in Business are able to undertake a Business Internship elective course as part of their program. For Associate Degree in Legal Practice (Paralegal) students, this course is a compulsory part of the program.

The placements are generally unpaid and can be completed in 120 hours or 240 hours depending on which elective course they are enrolled into. Students are required to source their own placements for this course. There are also requirements from the WIL Team that need to be adhered to before you are able to enrol and complete an internship placement as part of this course. Please contact the Business WIL Team for more information –

Postgraduate students in selected business masters programs and the Juris Doctor are also able to undertake a Business Internship elective course. The placement needs to be self-sourced by students and the requirements are dependent on the program that you are enrolled in. For more information, please contact the Business WIL Team for more information on how to apply –

The following courses are offered:

  • BUSM4471 Business Internship 1 (12 credit points, undergraduate)
  • BUSM4608 Business Internship 2 (24 credit points, undergraduate)
  • BUSM4483 Postgraduate Business Internship 1 (12 credit points)
  • BUSM4609 Postgraduate Business Internship (24 credit points)

Information Management Industry Placement

If you are enrolled in the Master of Information Management you are able to fulfil your compulsory WIL component through an Industry Placement. There are two placement periods per year: mid-year semester break (June/July) and at the end of the academic semester (November). Placement is usually undertaken as a 15 day block but may also be on a part-time basis e.g. 1 or 2 days per week or a week’s block and the remainder spread over several weeks. You are expected to have completed at least four courses in your program before undertaking a placement.

You will be prepared for industry placement throughout your program and by attending an industry placement briefing. Following the briefing, you will be asked to submit a range of preferences and a placement is arranged on your behalf by the College of Business WIL Team. You are responsible for ensuring that you undertake an industry placement.

For any placement queries relating to the Information Management program, please contact the College of Business WIL Team at

Practical Placement

If you are enrolled in the Diploma of Business Administration, Advanced Diploma of Business (Public Relations), Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication or the Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice you are able to fulfil your compulsory WIL component through a Practical Placement. Your placement is undertaken at different points depending on which program you are enrolled in.

You will be prepared for your placement by your teachers and through attendance at preparation workshops offered at various times throughout the year. You are responsible for obtaining a placement.