Become a research scholar supervisor

The RMIT College of Business is committed to further building its research base by investing in the skills of existing staff as well as attracting new researchers.

One way to build on one’s research experience and skill set is to become a research student supervisor.

Ideally, academics interested in becoming supervisors will have completed (or be nearing completion) a Masters by Research or a PhD program. In practice supervisors are not able to supervise scholars who are enrolled in a program higher than that completed by the supervisor. For instance a supervisor whose highest qualification is a Masters by Research can supervise a Masters by Research scholar but not a PhD scholar and a supervisor who has completed a PhD can supervise both a Masters by Research and a PhD student. There are occasionally exceptions, based on previous supervisory experience.

For workplan purposes, time spent on research student supervision is classified as a research activity. Interested academics should speak with their Head of School, School Research Director or staff from the Business Research Office.

Academics interested in becoming research scholar supervisors are welcome to attend supervisor training programs. There are no generic characteristics of what makes a good supervisor or what makes for a good supervision experience for a research scholar. However, good supervisors have the following in common:

  • The ability to work with a research scholar to help establish clear research goals.
  • The ability to develop partnerships to provide support.
  • The ability to manage the supervision process so the research scholar remains on track with project delivery.

The diversity in approaches to supervision practice and methods is as important as the diversity of knowledge of supervisors.

Further information

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