Current business research students

RMIT College of Business values its research students and considers them an important part of the academic community. As well as managing your candidature and studying for your qualification we invite you to explore the opportunities on offer for deeper engagement with the world of research.

Business research ethics

If a students research project involves any data collection from human subjects ethics approval must be obtained before the data collection process takes place.

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Candidature Information

We recognise that as your research unfolds you may need to redefine your focus and there are procedures for managing aspects of your candidature that may change over time and for submitting your thesis for examination when that time comes.

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Facilities and services offered

The facilities and services offered to research students vary according to whether a student is full time or part time given the different needs of full-time and part-time students.

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Managing your Enrolment

Students are responsible for ensuring their managing their enrolment details. It is important that you keep your enrolment details up to date and notify the university of any change to your circumstances.

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Orientation programs

The Business Research Office holds a half day orientation program each semester (in April and September) for new research students. The program is intended to familiarise research students in the college with the RMIT higher degree processes, ethics requirements, the responsibilities of students their supervisors and schools, and to provide assistance in starting a thesis.

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What to expect

Studying a research degree is not really like anything you’ve done before.

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Frequently asked research related questions

The following is a collection of questions relating to research studies at rmit, courtesy of Ask RMIT.

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