Digital Business including E-Business, E-Government and etc.

Track Description

Over the last 20 years one of the most interesting and challenging phenomena for researchers across several disciplines within the IS field has been how advances in ICT have transformed organisations. The large number of journal special editions issues surrounding challenges and opportunities for organisations, multiple conferences, as well as the range of dedicated books, testify to the importance of the topic in the IS field. It is also a topic that is linked to the international competiveness of organisations and countries in the context of the digital economy and information age.

This track intends to attract papers from researchers in all areas of digital business that build on existing theories and empirical evidence and generate new insights and knowledge.

Whilst the term ‘digital business’ has been around for a number of years, more recently it has become a catchall term for areas previously (and still) described as e-commerce, e-business, Internet business and so forth. This track is particularly interested in papers that report modern perceptions and trends in digital business. The definition of digital business considers the use of the Internet in a business context.

Australian Government’s Digital Business page

Relevant Topics

Topics relevant to the track include (but are not limited to):

  • Digital business theories, models and strategies
  • Government policy and digital business; digital government
  • Evaluation of digital business
  • Mobile technology and digital business
  • B2B, B2C and C2C systems and development
  • Trust, privacy and security issues in digital business
  • Managing digital business activities (eg. focus of the CIO)
  • Social networking, the cloud and analytics and other emergent technologies
  • Digital business and decision making (eg. business intelligence; big data)
  • Future trends in digital business
  • Digital business and opportunities for emerging and developing economies

Analytical, rather than descriptive investigations, with strong connections to previous work and to theoretical or conceptual frameworks will be sought. Papers with strong theoretical contributions will be particularly welcome.

Track Chairs and Contact Details

Dr Stan Karanasios, Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom (

Associate Professor Stephen Burgess, College of Business, Victoria University, Australia (

Dr Carmine Sellitto, College of Business, Victoria University, Australia. (

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