Staff Intranets are used to provide relevant information to your specific school or area, when this information can’t be located on the main staff pages.

Please note, not all areas have intranets – if you’re unable to locate the information you’re looking for, try elsewhere on the Staff site.

College of Business

College of Business (Google Site)


  • Accounting
  • Business IT and Logistics
  • Economics, Finance and Marketing
  • Graduate School of Business and Law
  • Management
  • Vocational Business Education

College of Design and Social Context

College of Science, Engineering and Health

College of Science, Engineering and Health



Research and Innovation

Research Office (Google Site – restricted access to Research Office staff)


Engagement and Vocational Education

VE Essentials (Google Site)

RMIT Council

RMIT Council members' (login required) (Restricted access to Council members)

RMIT Europe

RMIT Europe intranet (Google site)