Categories of awards

Staff are eligible for only one individual award in any one year, but may apply as a member of a team in additional categories.

Team applications are encouraged, but all members of the team must meet the eligibility requirements for that category.

Single category awards

Teaching awards

The categories of Teaching awards recognise excellence in teaching practice, whether as individuals or teams.

Awards for a Transformative Student Experience

This category recognise teaching support programs and services that contribute to the quality of student learning and student experiences at RMIT University.

  • D – Awards for a Transformative Student Experience
    • D1 – Widening Participation
    • D2 – Educational Partnerships and Collaborations with Other Organisations
    • D3 – The First Year Experience
    • D4 – Services Supporting Student Learning
    • D5 – Indigenous Education
    • D6 – Program Team ensuring Program Quality incorporating online/blended excellence