Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2008

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Screen Production Project – the development of a cross-sector, cross-School and cross-disciplinary elective

Project Leaders

Leo Berkeley

Funds Approved


Summary of the project, outcomes, impacts and dissemination

The work undertaken in this LTIF project has added considerably to the body of knowledge that exists about the screen production discipline at RMIT and the challenges and opportunities for greater collaboration within the discipline. From a learning and teaching perspective, the trialling of a production, The Temperature’s Rising, where students from six different programs worked together, suggested that collaboration across programs can be productive and enhance students’ learning experience. While in some cases the nature of the production work that students undertook had many similarities to work they would be doing in their home programs, the nature of this cross-sector learning experience had added value for students for a number of reasons, including a collaborative experience that was outside their usual group of peers, the recognition of their specialist expertise within an external group and a public exhibition outcome that was provided through the broadcast of the program on community television. In all these ways, the learning environment was a step closer to a professional environment and thus could be seen as an effective form of work-integrated learning.

Research into formalising this collaborative learning activity into a new elective course revealed that a range of organisational, regulatory, administrative and cultural challenges need to be addressed for this to be fully effective. These challenges should be tackled but, in the interim, a more flexible arrangement, at times involving the recognition of this production activity into students’ existing project work in their home programs, may be more productive in realising the LTIF project’s broader objectives.

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