Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2008

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Unpacking the global passport: transnational academic acculturation enhancement project for RMIT international students and their teachers

Project Leaders

Barbara Morgan

Funds Approved

$ 39, 974

Summary of the project, outcomes, impacts and dissemination

Studying in a foreign country often involves new ways of learning and new approaches to assessment tasks. This RMIT Learning and Teaching Initiative funded project has completed a web resource, ‘International Student Stories’ that aims to inform new international students about some of the adaptations they may need to make in adjusting to the academic culture of Australia. In this resource eight RMIT students share some of their experiences and provide advice to newcomers via brief video clips sharing their own stories. The site is intended to be accessible to new students and aims to present a friendly, non-threatening sharing of advice such as ‘what I have learned about learning in Australia’; and ‘if only I knew at the beginning what I know now’.

In the new web resource, international students talk about four areas that students often find new and a little difficult at first:

Expectations about studying in Australia

Structuring assignments

Understanding referencing

Developing critical thinking

The new resource can be found through an additional link on the SLC Learning Lab at:


Please take time to view some of the videos, and refer your students to this resource. For more information, and feedback, contact Barbara Morgan (barbara.morgan@rmit.edu.au) or Lynnel Hoare (lynnel.hoare@rmit.edu.au).

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