Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Engagement and Innovation Through Student Response Meters

Project Leaders

Professor Emilio Badoer and Dr Jeremy Keens

Project Summary

The purpose of this project was to establish a university-wide capability for in-class feedback technology using both traditional student KeePad ‘clicker’ devices, also referred to as Personal Response Systems (PRS), and smart phone technology owned and used by students. By extending the implementation of PRS’s the project sought to add diversity and interest to learning environments at RMIT University, and improved student engagement.

Through a survey of 207 students in a range of programs at Bundoora campus, the project was able to establish that:

  • 50% have a phone that can provide internet access
  • 29% of those responding said they used it for internet access at RMIT University
  • 77% would be willing to use one here
  • 67% would be willing to use it as a PRS device in a lecture.


  • RMIT University is now in a strong position, through staff involvement, training and interest to lead developments in the sector using PRS’s as an effective means for improving the learning experience of students through engagement and active learning.
  • Development of a fleet management capacity within the library system to allow casual users of the PRS to book keepads and receivers for use in their classrooms.
  • Following analysis of alternative options, negotiating with Turning Point Technologies for a trial licence to access the internet-based polling options. The initial trial identified issues which have been overcome and further trials are continuing.
  • Extending WiFi access throughout lecture theatres at Bundoora for this trial.
  • Developing training packages, using the PRS technology through RMIT Training.

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