Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

The Design and Development of an Innovative e-Portal to Disseminate and Collaboratively Improve Academic and Administrative Study Tour ‘Best Practice’

Project Leaders

Associate Professor Amalia di Lorio

Project Summary

This project aimed to design and develop a study tour e-portal that stores, versions and enables dissemination of samples of curriculum resources organised by location, and the associated administrative processes and tools. The e-portal provides selective access to folders of resources that enable dissemination, re-purposing and upgrade of ‘best practice’ amongst academics across the university. Technology was used to develop student e-journals.


  • The development of an e-portal for the effective management of study tours and the dissemination of information within RMIT University.
  • The development of an online e-journal using PebblePad.
  • The development of resources and associated processes for designing, developing and operating study tours.
  • Building a repository of best practice operational procedures and documentation that enables central administrative control of read, or read/write access, according to end-user needs.
  • Collection of samples of best practice study tour learning and teaching models that embed intercultural competence and industry relevance into programs across the College and the University.

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