Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Interactive Electronic Atlas (IeA)

Project Leaders

Dr Heather R Pisani

Project Summary

The Interactive e-Atlas (IeA) had its genesis five years ago as a tool to support the often difficult and demanding requirements of learning and teaching in thehealth care fields. Using photographic images from the cadaveric laboratory and medical imaging studies, the e-Atlas (IeA) (2004) is designed to provide students with a self-paced multi-dimensional learning tool to support and guide self directed learning.

Whilst the formative version of the IeA focussed on brain structure and function, this LTIF project sought to enable the expansion of the learning tool in the following dimensions:

  • Extension of the IeA modules for different areas of anatomy and physiology
  • The addition of a student assessment and feedback tool
  • Development of an IeA Academic Tool Box.


  • Integration of the IeA with the student assessment and feedback tool Weblearn.
  • Addition of further areas of anatomy to the IeA.
  • The integration of WebLearn multiple choice questions that are targeted to the IeA pages, providing self-testing and feedback to the student (text/diagrams) when the most appropriate answer is not selected.
  • Through ‘self-diagnosis’ or by direct feedback from staff, students can return to the relevant section of the IeA, gaining valuable formative feedback on their progress.
  • The potential to extend IeA to any applied health field.

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