Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2011

Summary of projects

Project title

Linking Urban, Regional and International Communities Together

Project leaders

Rose Charles

Project team

  • Shane Cramer
  • Graham Williams
  • Tony Robbins

Project summary

The units are now available on line via Blackboard and being accessed by students particularly in remote areas (example group is Hamilton)

Staff activities included working with an external facilitator in order to:

Part 1 - design online recourses two (2) competencies for access online, these being:

UEENEEI004B Solve problems in Flow measurement

UEENEEI005B Solve problems in Temperature measurement

Part 2 - design online recourses five (5) competencies for access online, these being:

UEENEE I001B Install and set up transducers,

UEENEE D001B Use basic computer applications,

UEENEE C001B Maintain documentation,

UEENEE E038B Personal Competency Plan,

UEENEE E017B Imp./monitor OHS policies/procedures

The units are now available on line via Blackboard and being accessed by students particularly in remote areas (example group is Hamilton). CD interactive resource material (appen. 1)

Staff have developed their expertise in formatting the resource material in a usable flexible delivery style and this work is currently being maintained as part of the main stream delivery methodology

Other technologies have been trialled with this group, including online communication ‘Zing’ with some success but limited due to cost factors.


Two Competencies developed in flexible delivery style 30 students have successfully engaged in this style of delivery. In 2012 there are at least 100 new students who will be exposed to this flexible delivery style.

Resource material developed and trialled using Personal Response System (PRS)

Mixed approach to course delivery was adopted. Video conferencing and face-to-face methods together with various technologies were put to use. Particular emphasis was placed in introducing interactive components to the students. Occasionally classes were held in both city campus and Hamilton campus simultaneously with teachers being present at both campuses. An e-learning expert was also present at Hamilton campus and a Zing advisor was present at city campus.

The E-Works project (initial project to review e-Technologies) reviewed a range of online technologies including video conferencing, Blackboard LMS, Zing and Keypad. These technologies were trialled using Certificate IV Electrical – Instrumentation students, whose delivery is based in Hamilton, Victoria.

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