Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2011

Summary of projects

Poster of Project - By Design: New curriculum for an Urban, Global and Connected Future

Project title

By Design: New curriculum for an Urban, Global and Connected Future

Project leaders

Michael Goss

Project team

  • Annette Cook
  • Jennifer Crowley
  • Rosetta Di Giangregorio
  • Timothy McCarthy
  • Julian Pratt
  • Victoria Versteege

Project summary

The School of Design TAFE commenced the implementation of the first phase of its strategic plan (academic) 2012 -2015 to develop a suite of Associate Degree qualifications in design disciplines offered by the School.

The high performing design discipline areas of, Interior Decoration and Design, Visual Merchandising and Graphic Design were identified as areas well positioned for the advent of associate degree qualifications for their related professions and industries.

The strategic direction was presented and discussed with the allied and aligned industry groups and higher education colleagues within the University. The reaction and response received were both positive and supportive with the feedback and contributions used to inform the development process for the new Associate Degrees being proposed and for the major change to the existing program in Design (Furniture).

The programs are being progressed for full program approval with program guides and course guides developed for each of the Associate Degrees.


Proposals to develop three new Associate Degree programs relating to disciplines in design were prepared, including the strategic plan and business case for each. The program proposals for the new programs were presented to, and approved by, the VCE in mid-December 2011.

New Associate Degree Programs:

  • AD020 Associate Degree in Interior Decoration and Design
  • AD021 Associate Degree in Visual Merchandising
  • AD022 Associate Degree in Graphic Design

At the same time a proposal for a major change to an existing Associate Degree was also prepared and submitted for approval by the VCE also approved in mid-December 2011.

  • AD007 Associate Degree in Design (Furniture)

Consultation with the related industries and associations in each of the discipline areas was facilitated through the Program Advisory Groups within the School. The response from the industry groups and professional associations was one of support for the new initiative. All feedback was acknowledged and considered providing a significant contribution to the design and development of the programs.

Consultation with higher education colleagues through conversations and discussions progressed the understanding of the position and nature of the new Associate Degree qualifications. In all cases the mood was one of support of the new qualifications with early conversations occurring in regard to pathways and articulation arrangements that will be negotiated or re-aligned once the programs are fully approved. A general enthusiasm was evident in relations to the prospect of potential areas of collaboration envisaged that would provide an enhanced and rich experience for both students and staff.

In developing the program proposals advice was sought from other areas within the University with experience of developing Associate Degrees. A number of sessions with personalities who had direct and recent experience were conducted and the support / advice given was valuable in regard to effectively and efficiently progressing the project. The relationships remain and we hope to be collegiate into the future.

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