Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2011

Summary of projects

Project title

The Project Studio Online Edition

Project leaders

Paul Minifie

Project team

  • Graham Crist
  • Andrew Burrow
  • Jessica In
  • Halil Ali

Project summary

The Project Studio (online edition) investigates an online collaborative work space for project-based design activities. New physical work spaces for designing (such as the new RMIT design hub) emphasise project based activity, teams are assembled in shared spaces working on particular projects which have a defined durations, resources and outcomes. This project investigates an analogous information space similarly directed towards producing these kind of projects.

The Project Studio is envisioned as a collaborative web-based repository for project information. It is understood as fostering both individual projects and an ecology of related projects. Typically design projects begin by assembling resources, such as surveys of other research and precedent projects, and base materials, for example site information and specifications. New knowledge is built from this base, by a process of iterative and incremental development.

Typically a range of participants contribute to different parts of the whole. Key concerns are the rapid and organised access to shared information, and the management of versions of the developing project. Once a project is complete, it becomes an important archive of information from which subsequent projects may learn and grow. The Project Studio will house an ongoing collaborative culture that emphasises creativity and invention.

The Project Studio proposes a clear and simple informational structure for achieving these objectives.


  • Scoping document, highlighting issues and priorities, showing a proposed design, operational use-cases and technical procurement strategy for Project Studio (online)
  • Functional and design limited test-bed website to gauge participant response, test functionality and highlight issues (operational, evaluation ongoing). The website is currently being piloted by a select group of RMIT undergraduate design projects.

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