Inherent requirements and RMIT

RMIT has committed to working with the colleges to develop inherent requirement statements for each program offered at the University.

Once finalised, the inherent requirement statements are made available for prospective students, continuing students and staff on the RMIT website. Prospective students will be directed to this information prior to submitting an application for the program. Continuing students will also be directed to the inherent requirements for their program at enrolment each year.

Priority programs

Priority has been given to programs which include a significant practical or clinical component. Given the expanded set of activities that students are required to undertake when on clinical or during practical experience, it is more likely that their disability, long term illness or mental health condition could have an impact.

Development process

The development of inherent requirements statements for each program are undertaken as a collaboration between key academic / teaching staff in each program and the Project Officer, Inclusive Practice. This brings together program content expertise and legislative/reasonable adjustment expertise in order to develop robust and meaningful inherent requirement statements.

The process will comprise the following steps:

1. Initial workshop/ meeting held between the project officer and key academic / teaching staff covering:

  • Framework for articulating inherent requirements.
  • Functional skills to consider e.g. fine motor skills, communication skills, visual abilities.
  • Discipline specific case studies.

Staff could include the Program Manager and the Clinical/ Practicum/ WIL Coordinators.

2. Development of inherent requirements

Academic / teaching staff collaborate on the development of inherent requirements statements to first draft stage considering the specific requirements of their program and if relevant to the program, registration requirements. The project officer will provide advice from the legislative and disability perspective.

3. Final Meeting

An opportunity to discuss any outstanding issues and finalise the document.

Once final agreement has been reached on the inherent requirements for a program, the draft document will be sent for approval to the Head of School and the Manager, Disability Services before being published on the RMIT website.