Important requirements for WIL

WIL practitioner at RMIT

You are a WIL Practitioner if you are involved in WIL in any capacity; academic, teaching or administrative. As a WIL Practitioner, there are certain requirements before, during and after each WIL activity. Completing the WIL module for Staff will give you an overview of these and so it is highly recommended you complete this.

WIL processes

The WIL processes have been designed to support the WIL procedure and ensure all RMIT policy and legal requirements are met at each stage of the activity. You may refer to these for in-depth guidance regarding particular WIL matters.

WIL module for students

You should instruct your students to undertake the Student Rights and Responsibilities for your Placement or Project WIL Module before they undertake WIL. It covers the detail below (from the students perspective), which satisfies RMIT’s duty of care to prepare the student and also increases students’ confidence and knowledge of what they should and should not be doing.

You can also view a listed version of information and key requirements contained within the staff and student modules here.

The WIL module for Staff

This module provides the key information and steps involved in developing, administering and managing WIL activities at RMIT.

All WIL Practitioners, both current and new should complete this module to ensure their knowledge is up to date.

WIL Learning for staff module

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