WIL agreements

WIL agreements are required to be completed prior to all WIL activities that involve industry or community partners.

To ensure RMIT, our students and our host organisations/employers are clearly informed of their roles and responsibilities and risks during WIL activities, it is important that the appropriate agreements and schedules are completed.

WIL agreement templates are available for;

  • Relationship Agreement – RMIT and Organisation (Multiple Students)
  • Two Way Agreement – RMIT (as Host Organisation) and Student
  • Three Way Agreement – RMIT, Organisation and Student (No Intellectual Property)
  • Three Way Agreement – RMIT, Organisation and Student (Transfer of Intellectual Property)

Note: students completing WIL in their RMIT accredited Associate Degrees are not vocational education students and are not covered by Workcover as per the guidelines from Skills Victoria. Higher education WIL agreements should be used for Associate Degrees.

Insurance requirements

WIL agreements need to be supported by the appropriate insurance forms. Vocational education and higher education have different requirements for insurance and the correct forms need to be completed.

For all insurance inquiries please refer to internal audit and risk management.

WIL administration processes

Staff managing WIL activities are advised to follow the WIL administration processes that have been designed to support WIL procedures and ensure all WIL requirements are met at each stage of the activity.