Flexible Learning Toolboxes

Flexible learning toolboxes are large, customisable online learning resources developed for a range of VET qualifications and training packages.

More than 100 toolboxes have been developed, many of which RMIT has purchased and are available for staff to use. Each toolbox includes a broad range of content, scenarios, activities and assessment approaches that can be used for student-directed online learning or teacher-directed in-class learning.

A Trainer’s Guide is included with each toolbox, which provides ideas and suggestions for each of these approaches. A Technical Guide is also provided to assist with customisation.

Getting started

To use a toolbox

To customise a toolbox

  • Refer to the Technical Guide to determine any specialist multimedia skills that will be required to make your desired changes (available from the preview site, or within a purchased toolbox)

Toolbox repository

The Toolbox Repository provides over 1500 learning objects extracted from toolboxes, which can be accessed/downloaded free-of-charge.

Good practice

An entire toolbox might be used as a comprehensive stand-alone resource, or specific sections/components could be delivered as part of a blended strategy; interspersed with other resources and strategies.

Toolboxes are specifically designed for easy customisation – replacing images, scenarios, content and attachments with alternatives which are more appropriate to your teaching context, eg. using current/local case studies.

Recent toolboxes also include an ‘RPL Pathway’, which can be a useful tool for assisting students in preparing for recognition of prior learning / current competence.

User guides

The Flexible learning toolbox website provides support on using toolboxes.

Contacts and support

Who can help