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Lectopia decomission

From 2016 the Lectopia lecture capture system will no longer be used in lecture capture venues. All recordings from lecture capture venues will be uploaded to EchoSystem and automatically made available to your students in the corresponding Blackboard shell.

Previous Lectopia recordings will still be available via the Lectopia Staff Tool.

Lecture capture can record audio and visual presentations, e.g. accompanying PowerPoint presentations, and live video camera recording in enabled lecture theatres across RMIT. Recordings are made available in a variety of formats including streaming, download, podcasting and no special software is required to view them. They can also be directly linked into Blackboard.

Recordings are useful for many students, e.g. part-time students, those from non-English speaking backgrounds or those with physical or cognitive disabilities, as they enable them to:

  • access material from classes that they may have missed
  • revisit lecture material and / or difficult concepts
  • prepare for exams and tests

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