Turnitin: OriginalityCheck

Turnitin’s OriginalityCheck feature is used to promote academic integrity, and ensure that the originality of assessable work is identified.

OriginalityCheck allows for an ‘Originality Report’ to be generated on submitted assignments that can be review by both students and staff. The report generated identifies similarities between the submission and previous material, allowing teachers and students to review the citation and paraphrasing used throughout the assignment to see if any improvements are needed.

OriginalityCheck can also be used formatively by allowing students to submit assessments early, obtain an Originality Report, and update the assessment accordingly.

Guidelines for the use of Turnitin OriginalityCheck at RMIT

When using Turnitin OriginalityCheck, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines of use:

  • There is full disclosure of the use of this software to all students in the courses in which Turnitin is used and originality reports are set as “viewable by students”.
  • Upon detection of non-original work with the software, the responsible academic will inform the student that their assessable work must be original. Provide the student with information on how to avoid plagiarism, and require that the work be resubmitted within a limited timeframe.
  • There is scope for variability in the number of assessment resubmissions acceptable within a given program, with the determination to be at the discretion of the Head of School, in conjunction with the relevant course and program coordinators. Any action on student plagiarism must be in full alignment with the plagiarism policy, with output from Turnitin available as evidence only, and not a singular determinant in the judgement of the plagiarism hearing.

Good practice

  • Do not assume that a high percentage of matches means a breach in academic integrity, review the matches to make an assessment.
  • Do not assume that a low percentage of matches means that the work exhibits a high level of academic integrity, review the assessment and make your own judgement.
  • Know the guidelines within your area about processes if there is a breach in academic integrity.

User guides

Turnitin OriginalityCheck instructor training