WebLearn is a tool used to create online quizzes and tests that are aligned to learning outcomes using a variety of question types.

WebLearn provides some options unavailable with Blackboard’s quizzing tool such as the ability to randomise numerical parameters within questions, so that multiple variations can be randomly generated from the one template question.

An upgrade path is available for staff wishing to move from WebLearn into Blackboard. Please contact the IT service and support centre for further details.

Getting started

If you are interested in using WebLearn in your course, contact the IT service and support centre to have the service enabled as a Learning Hub resource.

Good practice

WebLearn uses a particular code (or markup) to define the behaviour and organisation of questions. For example:

<QUESTION NUM="1.1.1" TYPE="Multiple Choice">
<ASK>This is a Multiple choice question</ASK>
<CHOICE A>This is correct</CHOICE>
<CHOICE B>This is NOT correct</CHOICE>
<CHOICE C>Add text here</CHOICE>
<CHOICE D>Add text here</CHOICE>
<CHOICE E>Add text here</CHOICE>
<RESPONSE WRONG>That choice is not correct</RESPONSE>

The ‘WebLearn Editor’ enables questions, quizzes and tests to be created easily by simplifying the process of creating questions, avoiding the need to edit such code directly. The editor can be downloaded to a desktop computer.

User guides