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Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What do we do?

The Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RI&E) team supports your research journey. We aim to get your work out into the world by providing advice on research engagement, research translation, intellectual property, commercialisation and marketing.

We also match industry and government to the capabilities of RMIT researchers. You can tap into our skills at any stage of your research, from conception to completion.

We provide seminars, programs and initiatives centred around:

  • training
  • building translation readiness
  • increasing research value
  • research translation leading to market.

We also work closely with the Enabling Capabilities Platforms to link industry and government to researchers.

The Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team is led by Professor Min Gu, Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, advc.rie@rmit.edu.au

How we help

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation is led by Professor Swee Mak.

The Strategic Innovation Unit is responsible for research innovation programs like the Research Translation Seed Fund.

Strategic Innovation team

Seed Fund

You can apply to the RMIT Research Translation Seed Fund for financial assistance and support to help translate your research into real-world, economic, social and environmental products.

Research Translation

The Research Translation team helps you – in tandem with industry - develop your research and innovative concepts into intellectual capital packages ready for commercialisation. We want research and innovative ideas to make a real-world impact.

Research Translation team is led by Damien Thomas.

Research translation, intellectual property, commercialisation or technology validation and market analysis, or anything else, email: research.translation@rmit.edu.au

Research Translation

Working with the colleges and the Enabling Capability Platforms to implement the university’s goals and the research translation plan in Directions 2020, the team assists with identifying emerging new innovation and supports researchers to translate their research into policy and practice.

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation is led by Amy Hunter.


The Commercialisation team helps you consider the range of research and innovation paths leading to market and creating impact. These paths include licensing, new ventures and inclusion of intellectual property into a range of research collaborations.

  • Innovation translation and commercialisation: Mohan Sridhar
  • Technology validation, technology and market analysis: Dr Maggie Zhai
  • Intellectual property and commercialisation: Carla Cher

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property team helps in areas including: identifying inventions, preparing invention disclosures, managing patents, trademark and design protection, intellectual property ownership rights, managing transactions and providing general advice and education.

Research Engagement and Business Development

Research Engagement and Business Development is led by Dr Liz Jazwinska.

  • Research initiatives: developing high-profile cross-disciplinary research consortia
  • Sector engagement: support for enabling capability platforms; translating capability into impact
  • Sustainability: identify possible industry research collaborations
  • Building skills and expertise: to secure RMIT’s future, as a university engaged with industry.

Research Initiatives

The Research Initiatives team manages the university’s participation in multi-partner and multi-institutional collaborations. The team is responsible for RMIT's participation in major industry-driven research schemes.

We help develop consortium concepts, and help you to articulate the value of research to industry partners in these schemes. We provide bid development support and university endorsement for industry-led applications.

We help researchers and industry partners with strategic advice, support with project management and engagement negotiations. To receive strategic support for your upcoming collaboration, please visit Notification of Intent.

Sector Managers

Sector managers develop and support industry-relevant research to deliver impact for RMIT’s research investment. Their areas of responsibility are:


We also help identify possible industry research collaborations promoting environmental, social or economic sustainability. This advances RMIT’s research contribution to protecting the planet and meet the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Support staff

Professor Gu and the Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship team are supported by:

The RI&E team

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