Research innovation and entrepreneurship

The Research Office provides services relating to the support for the development of research partnerships including: identifying partner organisations; profiling the expertise of RMIT researchers and matching and linking academics to RMIT peers and external collaborators in order to strengthen research outcomes and translate outcomes into end products and supporting the development of collaborative funding opportunities and bids. Additional services include providing information and advice on the commercialisation of research outcomes eg patents, start up companies and technology transfer and reporting on these activities. The Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship team provide these services.

Further information and resources are available at Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

1.1. Promote RMIT’s research capabilities and world-class facilities

  • Prepare research capability statements and case studies as supporting documentation for external funding applications
  • Communicate research capability statements

1.2. Create and maintain strong partnerships with partner organisations

  • Manage a database of RMIT’s key research partners and active RMIT researchers
  • Provide partnership development advice and administrative support to internal networks and advisory groups
  • Provide partnership development advice to Research Groups, Centres and Institutes
  • Represent RMIT’s interests on external networks and advisory groups.

1.3. Increase RMIT’s engagement in productive partnerships

  • Implementation and communication of Partnership Value Proposition (Knowledge Transfer Strategy)
  • Review and/or develop University policy to align with RMIT strategy.

1.4. Foster collaborative research opportunities for RMIT academics

  • Identify collaborative research opportunities with new and existing Australian and international partners
  • Broker and facilitate collaborations between RMIT academics and external partners.

1.5. Manage application processes for external collaborative research initiatives

  • Communicate process, quality and compliance information relating to collaborative funding bids (eg Centre of Excellence, Collaborative Research Centre, Industrial Transformation Research Program)
  • Call for Expressions of Interest
  • Assist with the application / Expression of Interest process
  • Consult with College leaders and provide advice to academics and Colleges on process and good practice.

1.6. Manage the administration of large collaborative funding initiatives

  • Prepare business plan for delivery of research project(s) as agreed in the collaborative agreement
  • Monitor, evaluate, review and reporting against project delivery.

1.7. Performance Reporting - large collaborative bids

  • Analyse and report on RMIT’s performance in external collaborative funding rounds to DVC (R&I)
  • Promote and communicate successful collaborative research projects and their impact and outcomes internally and externally to RMIT.

1.8. Provide advice on the development of IP and commercialisation opportunities

  • Provide advice to academics on invention disclosures
  • Identify projects with IP with commercial potential and advise academics.

1.9. Manage Patent applications and maintenance

  • Engage Patent Attorney to prepare and file patent applications, where appropriate
  • Report and record progress against patent schedule
  • Pay patent fees to continue protection.

1.10. Manage establishment and maintenance of Start up companies

  • Manage start up company preparation
  • Form company including IP records, licence agreement etc.
  • Report against business plan and agreement to all parties.

1.11. Manage establishment and maintenance of technology licensing

  • Manage establishment of technology licence to external party
  • Manage and report against business plan and licence agreement to whom all parties
  • Manage invoicing, auditing and record revenue processes.

1.12. Performance reporting – research partnerships and IP

  • Maintain data relating to formal research collaborations, partnership agreements and IP
  • Analyse and report on RMIT’s performance to DVC R&I.